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First Par With First Visitors

golfing-with-the-sungsWe’ve already been golfing three times since we arrived in Arizona. There’s a nice little course nearby with great twilight rates. We’ve been golfing with our friends Tom and Sylvia who are the first guests we have welcomed to our rented home.

me-and-sylviaI wondered how my golf game would be since I don’t play very often, but I haven’t been doing too badly and today I got my first par after sinking a nice long putt on the eighth green so I was pretty happy about that.tom-cooks Tom and Sylvia are setting the bar pretty high as far as being guests goes since Tom is a professional cook and has been making all these amazing meals for us.  Last night it was pork and rice, panfried shrimp and Chinese vegetables. dinner-timeThe night before it was steak and lobster. Looking forward to seeing what will be on the menu tonight.  

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Food Links

bon appetemtWhat food is associated with different people in your life?  Bon Appetempt A Coming of Age Story by Amelia Morris is a memoir/food book I read not long ago. Each chapter of Amelia’s life and the important people in it are somehow linked to certain foods. Morris’ book got me thinking about what foods might have connections with my family members. 

My Grandma and Grandpa Peters

My Grandma and Grandpa Peters

My one grandma made wonderful chicken noodle soup. She prepared everything from scratch. Caught, killed and cooked the chicken, cut the noodles from dough she made, added her own special spices to the broth.  I remember she brought me a jar of her chicken noodle soup when she came to visit me after I had given birth to her first  great- grandson. My younger son was so enamored with his great grandmother’s soup when he was six he wrote and illustrated a story about how she made her soup.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law

My mother-in-law and father-in-law

My husband’s mother made the best beef roasts I’ve ever tasted. She also baked excellent zwiebach (a Mennonite bun that is really two buns in one) and her grandchildren loved her homemade donuts.  My older son once wrote a book in school about all the things he loved in the world and on the last page he wrote “but most of all I love my Oma’s homemade donuts.” 

Dave making tortillas in our home on the Hopi Indian Reservation in 1990

Dave making tortillas in our home on the Hopi Indian Reservation in 1990

My husband Dave is very talented in the kitchen.  He makes a great Pad Thai,  a good taco casserole and is famous for his chili.

joel barbequesMy son has made us many wonderful meals but he is an especially gifted barbeque chef. Whether he’s grilling salmon, steaks or farmer’s sausage the results are sure to be delicious.

My Mom baking bread with my school class

My Mom baking bread with my school class

My mother was an excellent cook. Every year she would come to my school class to bake bread with my students and in December she came and helped them each make a bag full of peffernussen ( a German Christmas cookie) to take home to their families. Mom also baked and decorated beautiful birthday cakes, made delicious buns and great chocolate chip and white cookies with raisins inside. 

I could go on and on because I have so many friends and family members that are excellent cooks. Many important times in my life are associated with meals and the memorable people who prepared them and shared them with me. 

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bronutsWe’d seen the article in the newspaper about the new bakery in our neighborhood where two brothers were making donuts so delicious that on their first day of business they sold out their inventory in 90 minutes!bronuts logo

So on Saturday we decided to give Bronuts a try.  The place was full and bustling but we didn’t have to wait in line. bronuts six kinds

There were six kinds of donuts for sale and we decided to try the lemon poppy seed, strawberry and peanut butter chocolate. donuts cut up

They were all delicious- light and fluffy with creamy icing.  The lemon poppy seed was my favourite. donut ingredientsThe decor at Bronuts is clean and minimilist the only real decoration these artistic renderings of the donut ingredients painted on the wall. china town twoWe bought the donuts right after going out for breakfast so we shared one and then took the rest home to eat later with evening guests. Our bronuts were great! We will be going back for more. 

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Where Are the Recipes?

Recently one of my blog readers joked with me about the lack of cooking posts on What Next?  Back on March 27th I said that I’d be posting a new recipe Id tried every week in an attempt to  improve my culinary skills.  I haven’t been keeping that committment. It’s not that I’m not cooking. I am. Sometimes. But I’ve tended to make tried and true dishes or been in such a hurry that I haven’t taken photographs or documented my cooking process. 

But just to let you know…… I made two meals for guests last weekend and here’s the proof.  First meal was for friends Gerry and Maureen and Paul and Wendi. 

cucumber, kale, romaine, pomegranate, slivered almond, feta saladCucumber, kale, pomegranate, honeyed almond, feta, avocado salad with balsamic dressing.

pork loin roast in slow cooker with fruit compote

Pork loin roast done in the slow cooker with a brown sugar glaze served with a hot cinnamon,  and nutmeg flavoured fruit compote.roasted cauliflower with blue cheese hot sauce dressing

Roasted cauliflower in a hot sauce, blue cheese dressingroasted baby potatoes in garlic butter and parsley

Baby potatoes in garlic butter and parsley

I didn’t make dessert because my friend Wendi brought delicious mini carrot cake and cream cheese cupcakes.

Second meal was gourmet tacos for my Dad and my sister and her husband.gourment taco barHere’s my kitchen counter ready for taco making. 

I won’t make any more promises about the regularity of my cooking posts.  My last one was in May.  But I’ll still try to keep you posted on my cooking progress when I can. My friend Meena and her sister Beena made us delicious butter chicken when they were visiting in June and she’s left me with the ingredients to try that on my own. So that just might be my next post. 

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Finding the Best Wonton Mein in Winnipeg

eating won ton mienDave and I have found a place in Winnipeg that serves dumpling and noodle soup almost as good as the wonton mein in the small neighborhood restaurants we used to frequent in Hong Kong. Read all about it on my Destination Winnipeg blog. 

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