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The Harte Trail- Getting Ready For Croatia

On Monday I did another training ride for my Croatia bike trip.  I shared the middle section of a 35 km. ride with my friend Gabe.  She is training for a bike trip of her own in the Baltic at the end of August.  Gabe introduced me to the beautiful Harte Trail. I wondered how the trail, which is part of the Trans Canada Trail got its name.  I discovered the Harte Line was the first section of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway built in western Canada in 1894.  The Harte Trail runs through the forest on the old railway bed. We had the perfect day for cycling, sunny but with a steady breeze to keep us cool. The trail is gorgeous and there is wildlife to enjoy. Gabe and I ended our time on the trail with a picnic in Assiniboine Park. Besides training runs, I am preparing for our bike trip by reading books set in Croatia. The book I am currently reading is  Girl at War by Sara Novic.  I am also continuing to learn new facts about the country each week.  I have learned that………The iris is the national flower of Croatia. Croatia is famous for its strudel called savijaca. It has apples, curd cheese and other delicious things inside. Croatia holds the record for the longest strudel ever baked in the world.

Photo by Andrej Šalov from Wiki Commons

In the city of Zadar which is along the route we will drive before starting our bike trip there is a sea organ. It is an architectural sound object, a kind of experimental instrument that creates music using sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps.  This was part of a project by architect Nikola Basic to reconstruct the broken concrete wall along the sea after it was damaged during World War II.

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Gearing Up

Yesterday I did a 25 km. bike ride. Last week I managed a thirty-kilometer one but that was because I got a little lost. I’m gearing up for a bicycle trip we are booked to take near the end of September in Croatia.

Cycling with family in around Lake Konstanz

We did a cycling trip around Lake Konstanz in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria two years ago and had such a good time we have booked another cycling tour with the same company. I decided in July I’d start gearing up for the trip hence my weekly longer cycling rides and regular trips to the gym to strengthen leg and arm muscles. I’m gearing up in other ways too.

My friend Marie in Split Croatia. A place we will definitely want to visit based on Marie’s great photos.

 I’ve been checking out the great photos my friend Marie posted on her blog On The Road Again this last month when she and her husband Bill were in Croatia.  I’ve gleaned lots of tips for things we might want to see from Bill and Marie’s adventures. I’ve got two books on hold at the Millenium Library that I will be picking up today. The Hired Man by Aminatta Forna and Girl at War by Sara Novic. Both are set in Croatia.  I’ve compiled a list of other books I’ll add to my Kindle before we leave on our trip so I can read them on the road and en route to Croatia. I’ve decided I will try to learn one thing about Croatian history or geography each week.  

St. Servelus Church photo from the Istra Tourist Board site

My fact for this week is that Croatia was occupied by the Romans from about 11 BC to 450 AD. In the city of Buje where our cycling tour begins the baroque St. Servulus Church was built on the remains of a Roman temple. Stay tuned for more updates as I gear up for our September cycling adventure in Croatia. 

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