Art in The Garden

Desert Towers by Chihuly

Desert Towers by Chihuly

I wasn’t expecting to see art in a garden but the sculptures in the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens were intriguing and added much to the enjoyment of our visit. Here my husband Dave poses in front of cactus pieces made of glass by world-famous artist Dale Chihuly.

Two major exhibits were on display during our day in the garden last week. The first was by Carolina Escobar and was called Whispers of A New World.  The sculptures were tucked into the plants and trees so they became part of the landscape. Three pieces we saw were……………

hanging blooms by carolina escobar

Hanging Bloomspods by carolina escobar

Podsuntitled by carolina escobar

This piece was untitled but it looks like a peacock to me. 

We also saw the exhibit Four Seasons by Philip Haas. Haas was inspired by the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian artist in the 1500’s who created masterpieces out of fruit, vegetables. fish and flowers.  The Haas pieces we saw were…….

Spring by Philip Haas

Spring by Philip Haas

Summer by Philip Haas

Summer by Philip Haas

Fall by Philip Haas

Fall by Philip Haas

Winter by Philip Haas

Winter by Philip Haas

There were also other things that were like works of art in the garden.

crested saguaro cactus desert botanical garden This cacti had a limb like a fan. It was really quite beautiful but is actually a deformity that may be caused by freezing temperatures, lightning strikes or genetics. 

dead saguaro cactiEven this dead saguaro cactus had a beauty all its own. 

akimel oodham house pima indian house

I thought this house built by the Pima or Akimel  O’ odham Indians was a work of art too. It was supported by mesquite trees and had a willow sapling frame. Arrow weed was used to make the thatch. palo verde nurse tree

Even the signs at the gardens were little works of art that were very helpful in explaining some of the things we were seeing. This one explains the phenomena in the photo below.

saguaro under a  palo verde tree

Why is a saguaro cactus growing right under a palo verde tree?  A bird probably dropped a seed from the cactus under the tree when it was feeding cactus fruit to its babies in a nest in the tree. The tree acted as a kind of ‘nurse’ for the saguaro when it was young protecting it from extreme heat and cold and preventing it from being eaten or trampled by animals. Eventually the saguaro will kill the tree because its shallow roots will extract all the rainwater before it can reach the roots of the palo verde tree. The guardian plant will give up its life for a younger plant. It is a touching story really. 

papago butte desert botanical gardenEven the buttes around the gardens looked like art. If you stared at them long enough they contained all kinds of interesting shapes and formations. 

desert quote by joseph krutchArt was all around at the Desert Botanical Gardens. It added a great deal of pleasure to our time there.

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