We Had A Little Off- Road Adventure

On our second day of cycling in Croatia’s Istria Peninsula, we had a little “off-road” adventure.  It all started when we stopped at the local winery we had selected earlier as the preferred lunch spot on the day’s route.  They were closed!! What next? A helpful man who lived nearby brought out a map and pointed out some other places we might try eating. We decided the Veralda Winery was our best bet.  But how to get there?  Dave and Ken consulted their maps from our bike tour company and Dave was sure he’d spotted a shortcut to the highway that would take us to the Veralda Winery. Off we went on what seemed a reasonable road, only to have it turn into a gravel lane, then a rocky trail full of broken branches, mud and water puddles that wound through thick forest, leaves and twigs brushing our cheeks as we rode, till finally……. we reached the highway that would take us to the Veralda Winery. But wait a minute!! There was a high wire fence separating us from the highway and it stretched as far as the eye could see.  Dave joked about wishing he had wire cutters to make a hole in the fence but we knew there was no possible way we would be getting on to that highway! So……..we turned around and retraced our way along the less than ideal driving path and then followed the directions from Ken’s Google maps app on his phone until we found the Veralda Winery.  By now it was nearly 2 o’clock and we were pretty hungry after a long morning of biking. Our host at Veralda was a nice gentleman who launched into a wine demonstration immediately upon our arrival getting us to swish the wine in our glass, sniff it, roll it around our tongues and then swallow it. He instructed us to sip the wine slowly to receive maximum pleasure from the experience.

Dave sniffing his wine as instructed

Thankfully Ken, my brother-in-law, had the nerve to politely interrupt our host’s well prepared presentation.  We were hungry! Did they have any food?

Well, the chef wasn’t there but perhaps they could do something for us. Soon two young women were putting baskets of fresh bread, different kinds of cheese, olives and platters of prosciutto and ham on the table. Perfect!! We sampled both a white and red bottle of  wine from the Veralda vineyards and then we were fortified enough to finish our journey.

Though our “off-road” adventure didn’t seem that funny when it was happening by supper in the evening we could laugh about it.

It was kind of overcast again for most of our ride.

Dave had brought along his trunks hoping to swim in the Adriatic Sea but it was way too cold for that, although the water was fairly warm.

Many of the churches on our route had these high cedars dwarfing their bell towers.

There were so many beautiful flowers along the road

The villages we cycled through were filled with old stone houses

There were lots of pomegranate trees growing in people’s yards along our route

The olive trees were thick with fruit

We biked along the Adriatic Sea for a while

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2 responses to “We Had A Little Off- Road Adventure

  1. I thought by now you know never to accept a Dave shortcut! Maybe too much wine. Love the flowers

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  2. Bill

    No exploration is complete without a bit of trouble and a problem or two to solve! This is why my wife refuses to hike with me on a new route until I’ve actually been on it! One of the reasons I liked hiking with Dave was he doesn’t mind taking a chance off the beaten path:0


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