My Dad Hasn’t Lost His Green Thumb

dad coleus plantI went to see my Dad on Saturday night and he gave me a tour around the yard of the seniors’ condominium where he lives. coleusDad serves on the residents’ committee that provides input regarding the landscaping of the grounds. With his green thumb always itchy and ready to work Dad has been busy outside pruning and watering and helping to keep the yard looking beautiful. mom and dad in greenhouseHe and my mother often worked together in the greenhouse on their country acreage near Steinbach.  
mom and dad in their flower gardenTogether they maintained a gorgeous yard and were active members of the Steinbach Garden Club. dorothy gardenAfter Mom passed away last June Dad planted a beautiful Dorothy Garden in her memory in a corner plot on the condominium yard. It is looking very nice again this year. dad and his tomato plantsMom and Dad always had a huge vegetable garden on their country property and they supplied friends and family and fellow church members with produce. tomatoesDad has a bumper crop of tomatoes on the go in his condominium plot too and we’ve been savouring some of the fine tomatoes he’s producing this year. dad's sunflowerDad’s sunflower plant is already dwarfing him. Who knows how high it will get?dad's flowersMy Dad was a doctor for most of his working life but he’s always had an affinity for growing things. I think he might get his green thumb from his mother. I remember the beautiful flowers my Grandma always had growing around her house in the little village of Gnadenthal. dad and garden

As he approaches his 86th birthday Dad’s green thumb is still just as skilled as ever and he’s using it to surround himself and the other people who share his condominium with beauty. 

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