The Driedgers Bike Boblo Island

driedger family boblo island

On Thursday twelve members of the Driedger family went on a bicycle trip over to Bob-Lo Island in the Detroit River. We had to say “Bob-Lo” instead of “cheese” for the photographer which explains the open mouths on some Driedgers in this picture. Bob-Lo is a derivative of the French phrase “Bois Blanc”  which translated means “White Woods” and references the many birch trees on Bob-Lo Island.

unloaded the bikesYou catch the ferry-boat to Bob-Lo in the town of Amherstburg and so we drove down to Amherstburg in three pick up trucks loaded up with our bikes. boblo island signBob-Lo Island, which is now an upscale residential development, served as the site of a French Catholic Mission to the Huron in the 1700s. It was the headquarters of Shawnee Chief Tecumseh during the war of 1812 between Canada and the United States, and was the invasion point for a group of patriots during the Upper Canada Rebellion in 1838.fine tuning bikes

Uncle Dave does a little seat adjustment as we wait for the ferry-boat to take us to the historic island. waiting for the ferry

The Bob-Lo Island ferry was at the centre of a Supreme Court case in 1948 when the ferry coming to Bob-Lo from the Michigan side of the Detroit River refused service to a young black woman and claimed the state of Michigan did not have the right to order them to serve the woman.  The ferry company lost their suit and could no longer practice racial discrimination.on the ferry

The trip over to Bob-Lo was quick and it was a lovely day to be out on the water. The Bob-Lo ferry which used to have routes between Ontario, the island, and Michigan was used by draft dodgers during the Vietnam War as a way to get into Canada. biking on boblo islandIt took a little organizing to get everyone settled on the proper bikes but then we were off on our adventure. Bob-Lo Island which had a lighthouse for ships traveling upriver from Lake Erie in the early 1800s is only 2.5 miles long and .5 miles wide. So it doesn’t take long to drive around the whole island. abandoned space needle boblo island

Bob-Lo Island was an amusement park from 1898 to 1993 and we visited several times with our older son and his cousins on our family trips to Ontario.  There are still a few artifacts and buildings remaining from the island’s amusement park days including the abandoned Space Needle ride. dance hall boblo island

The dance hall on the island built in the early 1900s was financed by Henry Ford and was rumored to be the second largest in the world holding 5000 dancers. house on bobbleBob-Lo Island is now owned by a residential development corporation and has huge homes. I’m sure it looks very different then it did between 1834 and 1860 when it  was a stop on the Underground Railroad for slaves escaping to Canada. ice cream stand bob lo islandWe stopped for a break at the ice cream stand and restaurant near the marina but were disappointed to find they were only open evenings and weekends. marina pier boblo

Some people did walk to the end of the marina pier. Once two huge ferries the SS St. Clair and the SS Columbia which each could carry 2,500 passengers sailed into Bob-Lo Island many times each day.  Now the boats that dock there are mostly pleasure-seeking craft. amherstburgWhen both kids and adults were getting hungry we took the ferry back to Amherstburg and walked the streets to find a restaurant. ricardos amherstburgWe finally settled on an Italian place that suited everyone’s fancy and reminisced about our Bob-Lo Island adventure over some good food. ferry backBob-Lo Island was nice place for a family biking adventure. Not a lot of traffic, paved roads, Canada geese to race after, stones for skipping on the water and a fun ferry ride. 

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Canada Day in Leamington

The Tomato Capital of the World

Visiting a Greenhouse in Leamington

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Canada Day in Leamington

Dave and his brothers with their Dad

Dave and his brothers with their Dad

We are in Leamington Ontario visiting Dave’s family. We had a busy, fun Canada Day. I started the morning with a walk down to Lake Erie with my sister-in-law Shirley. We are staying with Dave’s brother Paul and my sister-in-law Shirley, who made us a lovely dinner our first night here.
picnic Mennonite homeAfter our walk we had some of Shirley’s delicious muffins and a special smoothie for breakfast and then Dave’s brother John popped in for coffee before we all headed off to a Canada Day picnic at the Leamington Mennonite Home where Dave’s Dad is a resident.

Dave gets a hug from his Aunt Aggie while his Aunt Margaret looks on

Dave gets a hug from his Aunt Aggie while his Aunt Margaret looks on

There was a band playing, short speeches by dignitaries, lots of great food and a chance to visit with friends and relatives. Several of Dave’s aunts were there too and we met a number of Dave’s highschool friends whose parents are also residents of the home.Then we were off to the Erie Shores Golf and Country Club where Dave’s brother Paul is a member for a round of golf.

Dave listens to his sister-in-law Linda tell a story

Dave listens to his sister-in-law Linda tell a story

For supper our nephew Tim had invited everyone in the family over to his new house. He and Penny provided a delicious meal, the kids had fun in the pool, there was lots of visiting

Michael announcing the teams for Friday's golf family golf tourney

Michael announcing the teams for Friday’s golf family golf tourney

and teams were made for an upcoming family golf tournament later in the week organized by our nephew Michael. 

We’d had such a busy day we didn’t stay up for the fireworks.  Happy Canada Day everyone!

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Dave Meets Rose

dave and roseOur friends Bryan and Emily just adopted a little girl named Rose. This was our first time meeting her. We sat behind her at the wedding we attended in Kansas City.  At first Rose was a little shy.  But Dave’s magic touch with children quickly won her over. dave and rose
dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave rose

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Tad and Wendy’s Wedding

All that Jazz in Kansas City

The House with the Obama Chair

Southern Barbeque in Kansas City

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Tad and Wendy’s Wedding

tad and wendyWe were in Kansas City this last weekend attending the wedding of Tad and Wendy.tad and wendyWe taught with Tad in Hong Kong for four years. He was a good friend who traveled with us quite a number of times and even came to Winnipeg to visit us after we returned home. 

wedding programWe were very happy to have a chance to meet Tad’s bride Wendy and to celebrate their wedding with so many of our Hong Kong friends. ics crew

Not everyone is in this photo but I think there must have been sixteen or seventeen former and current ICS staff members and their families at the wedding. 

marylou emily julie

jeff julietad wendy rebekah danielmarylou and meghantad wendy megan mike

dave and jon

cat ml redave tadjeff tad jonmarylou rebekahbryan daniel jon jack daverebekah and emilyIMG_1437dave bryanIMG_1474Other posts……

All That Jazz in Kansas City

Barbeque in Kansas City

The House with the Obama Chair

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All That Jazz in Kansas City

cat marylou jazz clubOne night during our stay in Kansas City we decided we wanted to go and hear some jazz.  A number of our  Hong Kong friends’ group were at the wedding rehearsal dinner, others were golfing, so those of us who’d been left behind hopped in the car and went out in search of a great jazz band and a good meal. 

the knuckleheadOur first stop was The Knucklehead which had received rave reviews. The wall decorated with caricatures of lots of music greats was appealing but the $30 cover charge was not, nor the comment from the man taking the money for the cover charge that “the food wasn’t great.”  

the phoenixA bit of online searching led us to The Phoenix.scamp alley

We figured it had to be a fun place since it was located on Scamps’ Alley. wall mural outsideInteresting wall murals outside mural inside the phoenixand inside intrigued us and jazz the phoenixthe music sounded great.

Dave and Jon arrived from their golf game about halfway through the evening.

Dave and Jon arrived from their golf game about halfway through the evening.

Our waitress was so friendly and fun. mint julepI decided I should have my first mint julep and it was very refreshing, each sip a little sweeter. lamb slidersThe food was also good. I had lamb sliders with spicy cole slaw.
dave jeff jazzWe had a fun evening, although some people took their jazz a little more seriously than others.

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The House with the Obama Chair

Southern Barbeque in Kansas City

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The House with the Obama Chair

dave and tadWe are in Kansas City for our friend Tad’s wedding. 

funkhouser house kansas cityTogether with ten friends we have rented this historic old house that once belonged to a former mayor of Kansas City Mark Funkhouser. neighbor TimWe have an extremely friendly neighbor, Tim across the street who comes over every day bearing gifts of all sorts and he has told us all kinds of stories about our historic house. the obama chair kansas cityIt was our neighbor, Tim who told us that before he was the American president Barack Obama visited Mark Funkhouser in this house and they had a beer in the livingroom. Tim said Barack Obama sat in front of the fireplace. Even though this is probably not the chair Obama sat in we’ve dubbed it The Obama Chair. in the obama chairPeople who don’t agree with Obama politically say they get a weird vibe sitting in the chair, while others are enjoying basking vicariously in the President’s aura of power.

downed tree

The house would be a lovely place to stay except that on our first night here in Kansas City there was a horrible storm and the electricity to thousands of homes in the city was cut off.  During the rest of our stay we’ve had no power. lanternSo we’ve managed with these lanterns our neighbour brought over for light and a large cooler to keep our perishables in. Luckily the stove is gas as is the hot water tank so we can still shower comfortably and boil water for coffee in the morning.  We go to the local coffee shop to use the internet and before the wedding a couple of us even curled our hair in the coffee shop with our curling irons. It’s been a bit of an adventure. 

jeff and daveLuckily the weather hasn’t been too hot so we’ve managed without the air conditioning. bedroom funkhouser house kansas cityThe house is big but with eleven people we need to use almost every room for sleeping accommodations.breakfast on the deckWe eat breakfast out on the deck, since the diningroom is someone’s bedroom. 

Being without power hasn’t been ideal but what has been ideal is having plenty of time to spend with old friends and catch up on one another’s lives. 

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Going for Barbeque in Kansas City

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Southern Barbeque in Kansas City

We are in Kansas City for the wedding of our Hong Kong colleague Tad.  joes kansas cityA dozen friends are renting a house together and dave, jeff , danielyesterday we all went out for southern barbeque at Joe’s, a place that had come highly recommended. Joe’s is located in a converted garage. line up at JoesDriving up we quickly realized just how popular the place really was.  There was a long line outside and we joined it to wait for a table. The line was so long our friend Jon couldn’t even look!bikers joesJoe’s is very popular with the motorcycle crowd. dave and danielStanding in line gave us a chance to catch up and visit,joe's menuCheck out the menureviews Joes and the reviews.barbeque joesThe spicy hot food was delicious!
ics at joesWe had a great time!
lunch in kansas cityOther posts…….
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Hong Kong Minneapolis Wedding 2

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