Miss Browns

blues night poster for residents of the exchangeWe visited a new restaurant last week along with other members of the Residents of the Exchange Association.   Miss Browns hosted a special evening to introduce people who live in our neighborhood to their unique menu.

blue noise jazz trioWe were entertained throughout the evening by trio from a group called Blue Noise who bill themselves as the hottest new blues band in Winnipeg.  sliders at Miss BrownsWe started out with a fabulous array of appetizers- smoked salmon mini bagels, fried pickerel on toast with avocado, brisket sliders and smoked chicken wings.owner Miss Browns

Jenny Tyrell and her husband Steve are the owners of Miss Browns. Jenny and Steve were doing catering at his mother’s boutique vineyard in Sydney Australia when Jenny who is originally from Winnipeg got the bright idea they should move back here and open a sandwich shop featuring meats they smoked on site. They’ve named their restaurant for their daughter who they playfully nicknamed Miss Brown when she was a baby. main course miss browns winnipegThis was our main course- BBQ pulled-pork, smoked brisket, baby back ribs and a selection of side condiments and sauces. The meat at Miss Browns comes from All Natural Meats in Carmen, Manitoba and other food items are also locally sourced. miss browns dinnerWe had a nice visit with a couple who live just a couple blocks away from us that Dave had connected with previously at his part-time job. miss brownsThere are always new eating spots offering unique cuisine opening their doors in the Exchange District.  It’s one of the things that makes living here so interesting. 

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I’m Possible

I saw the movie Hello My Name is Doris on Friday.  Sally Field gives a stellar performance. Her character’s zany pursuit of a work colleague half her age was at times incredibly funny but also in some ways sad and cringe worthy.

Hello-My-Name-Is-Doris-images-e212dc1a-9116-4628-b122-993816b7379Doris’ decision to chase the man of her dreams is inspired by a slick self-help guru trying to sell his motivational DVDs, who tells Doris that the word impossible shouldn’t be in our vocabularies because nothing is impossible.  The word itself contains the inspirational two word phrase “I’m possible.”   

The mantra was stuck in my head after the movie and I found out “I’m possible” actually comes from a quote attributed to the late great Audrey Hepburn who said,  “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” 

audrey hepburn pixabay public domainHepburn, an actress in the same league as the Oscar winning Sally Field, spent the last five years years of her life away from the stage and screen acting as an ambassador for UNICEF.  I like knowing that the memorable quote in Hello My Name is Doris didn’t come from the promotional ad campaign of a fictional shyster, but from the lips of an accomplished and philanthropic woman who after acheiving the nearly impossible in the entertainment field tried to make the impossible a reality for children around the world. 

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Grain is King

jordan van sewell grain is kingThere’s a steel sculpture painted in psychedelic colors just two blocks from our home called Grain Is King. It is a very appropriate art work to have in the Exchange District since our area of the city gets its name from the fact that the Winnipeg Grain Exchange was thriving here at the turn of the century.

detail on grain is king by jordan van sewellSheaves of grain are cut into the art work’s body and apparently if you crouch down and look through them from the back you can see the corner of Portage and Main streets which is the busy central hub of Winnipeg. The plaque on the sculpture’s base says, “Grain has built this town and has driven the economy of Winnipeg for many years.”

grain is king jordan sewellThe man responsible for the sculpture is Jordan Van Sewell. He’s been working as an artist for thirty years and cites musician Frank Zappa and comic book creator Charles Schultz as influences.

graffiti on grain is king sculptureUnfortunately there is a bit of graffiti on the back of the sculpture but luckily Van Sewell’s multi-colored exterior provides great camouflage so the graffiti is hardly noticeable.

grandpa in wheat fieldThe sculpture Grain is King made me think of this photo my Aunt Mary took of my grandfather, Diedrich Peters, who was a grain farmer in southern Manitoba. The grain he grew no doubt passed through Winnipeg many times on railway cars.

sculpture grain is king steve juba park winnipegGrain is King is a good reminder of the agricultural products that were the foundation of the economy of the city of Winnipeg for so many years.

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Is Marriage A Good Thing For Women?

la promise st. boniface sculpture gardenIs marriage something women are forced into because of society’s expectations or do they enter marriage willingly? Is a wedding a religious ritual, a spiritual experience or a civil rite imbued with sexual tension?

A sculpture called La Promise in the St. Boniface Sculpture Garden explores those ideas. La Promise is the work of Madeleine Vrignon a St. Boniface native with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. She began her career as an illustrator of children’s books. When asked to create a sculpture in bronze of a young girl who had died of cancer, her interest in a new art form began.

la promise vrignonThe top part of Vrignon’s statue La Promise is dark and quite provocative, with a low-cut top that emphasizes the woman’s bosom and meets in a V that points to an erogenous zone of the bride’s body. She’s wearing dark long gloves, not the white gloves you might expect a bride to wear. Her hands almost seem to be reaching up in supplication. Her stomach bulges out a bit. Could she be pregnant? This top part of the dress is tight and confining.

vrignon la promise st. boniface sculpture gardenThe bottom part of the dress is lighter in color suggesting the more traditional white bridal dress denoting purity. It is more comfortable looking and free-flowing and less confining than the top. However there is iron grill work embedded in the dress. Is it trapping or guarding something? Vrignon wanted people to think about whether marriage was a refuge for women or not.

st. boniface sculpture garden la promise vrignonIn this side view you can see how the bride has been tethered to the ground in the rear by guy wires. They might be giving her roots and security but they also tie her down. 

Vrignon’s La Promise gives viewers lots to think about. 

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Breakfast on Marion Street

marion hotel winnipegMy husband asked me out on a breakfast date yesterday morning to celebrate the birth of our new grandson. I have to admit from the parking lot, the place he chose, didn’t look like much.  What kind of breakfast would we get there? interior marion street hotelWhen we walked inside the Marion Street Eatery it was clean, bright, warm and charming. patio marion streetThere was a morning chill in the air so we opted to eat inside but our table looked out over the sunny patio which had a nice view of an architecturally interesting old church across the street.
art marion hotel

The service was prompt and friendly and it wasn’t long before we had piping hot coffee in front of us and had given our orders. There was some interesting art on the walls including this intriguing painting of three bison.breakfast marion street eatery

The Marion Street Eatery promises you food that’s delicious but simple.  Comfort food.  My  breakfast was exactly that!marion street eatery

We had a nice visit before heading off.  Dave was on his way to the slow pitch ball diamond where he was playing in the second day of a tournament and I was going to the art gallery to give a tour to kindergarten kids and then headed to a final meeting about my students at the University of Winnipeg. 

We’ll go back to the Marion Street Eatery.  It’s a nice homey place for breakfast. 

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A Birthday

Yesterday was my grandmother’s birthday.  She was born May 17, 1900 and died when she was 99 years old.  Yesterday our second grandson was born, May 17, 2016.   I love it that he shares a birthday with his great, great grandmother. 

We rise again in the faces of our children.

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Creation of the World

daphne odjig The great spirit Nanabush works to build the earth on the shell of a turtle. He forms rich flowing bands of land, hills and mountains that eventually transform into a female who seems to be praying.  A beaver, otter and muskrat surround Nanabush. Waves wash upwards from the river into the sky drawing together the land, water and air. And above it all the thunderbird looks down watching what is happening in the world.  

Daphne_Odjig_2008 Creation of the World  is a mural by First Nations artist Daphne Odjig painted for the Manitoba Museum in 1972.  On a visit to the museum yesterday I found out there are plans to give this iconic artwork a more prominent spot in  the museum after a renovation process is complete. Roland Sawatsky, the museum’s curator told us that relocating the mural is part of a larger effort to make the museum a place where many different perspectives on the history of Manitoba are exhibited. 

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