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5 Pieces of Good News

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In 1966 there were only 10,000 humpback whales left in the world. Now there are 80,000.

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Four generations ago only 42% of the world’s young people saw racial diversity as a positive thing, now 62% do.

Britain’s woodland cover has returned to medieval levels.

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Finland leads the way in a global push to help school children learn to identify fake news through awareness, research and critical thinking.

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The number of women in occupations based in math, science, technology and engineering has gone up by 42% since 1970.

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Ten Good News Stories

A photo I took in Dehli

A Facebook group in India called CareMongers has assisted 16,000 people during the pandemic by providing them with important information, connections to essential services and concrete help. (source)

Dave and I took advantage of the free transit in Tempe Arizona this past winter 

Free transit services are taking off in cities around the world. They increase transit use by 50-85%. This may be a good way to encourage people to use public transportation again once the pandemic is over.  (source)

Jacinda Arden the prime minister of New Zealand is being praised for her leadership during the current pandemic

More women are in Parliaments around the world than ever before. (source)

These micro homes located on a churchyard in Cambridge England provide overnight shelter to the homeless. (source)

Creative solutions to homelessness are being launched across the globe.  In Australia, they are providing mobile shower and laundry service for homeless people and….. chronic homelessness is actually declining in many American states. (source)

A photo I took of a dragonfly at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Endangered species protections are now being extended to insects as well.  Although insects may annoy us they play a vital role in the cycle of life on earth. (source)

Volunteers in Detroit make masks for hospital workers Photo by Rebecca Cook/Reuters

 Millions of people have volunteered to help during the pandemic. (source)

Female inmates taking classes- photo from Wikipedia

More and more prisons are offering high school and college course opportunities. Prisoners in these programs are much less likely to return to jail and at one New York prison, 85% of graduates from their college program find jobs shortly after leaving prison.  (source)

Doing a beach clean up in Hong Kong with my high school students

New projects are constantly being launched and innovative ideas being tested to clean refuse out of the ocean. (source)

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A program called 8 Can’t Wait which offers eight reforms to the way police handle violent situations has reduced deaths during interactions with officers by 72% in some cities.  (source)

Alicia Dibble, Amber Barron and Ashlea Patterson, science and engineering students at the University of Utah who helped develop a new sanitary pad

A 100% biodegradable sanitary pad has been developed by a team at the University of Utah.  Sanitary pads go to landfills where they can take centuries to decompose. (source)

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Cut in Half- Good News in America

Since I am in the United States right now I thought it would be a good idea to highlight two positive pieces of news from this country.  

teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancies in the United States are at an all-time low, in fact, they have been cut in half in the last decade.  It’s true.  This is good news because according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services teen mothers and their children are at increased risk for life- long health, social and economic challenges.  violent crime in americaThe number of violent crimes in the United States have been cut in half since 1995.  It’s true.  According to the Nation Master website ,the violent crime rate is still double that of Canada’s, but progress is being made. 

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Good News- Spanking Banned

Did you know that 59 countries have completely banned corporal punishment in schools, prisons and homes? It’s true.

Canada and the United States have not banned spanking but…… both the Canadian Pediatric Society and the American Pediatric Society have official positions on the practice of spanking based on research. They have determined that spanking increases aggression in children and is an ineffective method of teaching them responsibility and self-control.

A Canadian Pediatric Society article on Effective Discipline states…” The Canadian Paediatric Society, therefore, recommends that physicians strongly discourage disciplinary spanking and all other forms of physical punishment.”  In a more recent article published just last year, the Paediatric Society states even more clearly “At no time should parents use physical punishment—spanking, slapping, hitting—or behaviour that shames children. Disciplinary methods that are angry or violent are detrimental to both parent and child health and well-being.”

Perhaps in the not too distant future, Canada will become the 60th country to ban spanking. 

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Good News- Part 15

women vote

Did you know that in 1930 only 18% of the countries in the world allowed women to vote? In 2020 that figure has changed to 99% of the countries in the world.  

It’s true. 

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Filling Up My Inbox With Positivity

The news isn’t great these days. An American president who has been impeached, wildfires devastating Australia, a horrific plane crash over Tehran, and rising tensions in the middle east. The news, in fact, has not been good for a very long time. After the American election in 2016, I found myself much more worried about the state of our world and began checking news sites far too frequently for my own good because they just seemed crowded with one bad story after another.
To try to ease the tension and anxiety all that negative news created for me I began to do a series on my blog called Good News, where I did a drawing about something positive that was happening in the world. As I searched for items to include in those Good News posts I came across some excellent groups and organizations that focus solely on positive news, great things that are happening in our world and are often overshadowed by all the negative news.
I now subscribe to three newsletters that fill my inbox with positivity. The first is Positive News.  Although it is a British publication and many of its stories are from England it has good news stories from around the world as well.  Check out this story about What Went Right in 2019 for a list of 20 uplifting examples of good stuff going on in our world like the way reforestation programs are gathering momentum and how death statistics for HIV are plummeting and how the world’s first malaria vaccine has been launched. 

The second newsletter is Beautiful News. It is just jam-packed with wonderful things that are happening in our world every day.  You can check out a sample of beautiful news here.  On the site’s home page this week you will find stories about how more and more people are gaining access to electricity, the way a dozen countries are doing a spectacular job of recycling and the fact that famine deaths worldwide have dropped dramatically. 

I just discovered Reasons to Be Cheerful on Sunday when I heard an interview with David Bryne, the musician of Talking Heads fame.  Reasons to Be Cheerful is his project to collect good news as a kind of therapy for our world. I now get their newsletter as well. In the latest one, you can read about people who take former inmates just leaving prison into their homes, how a city in Spain has managed to dramatically reduce the number of cars on their streets and the way the Housing First initiative has gotten thousands of people who were living on the streets into homes. 

One of my maternal grandfather’s favorite songs was Keep on the Sunny Side.  The newsletters I have mentioned here help me to do just that.  Why not subscribe to one of them? 

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Good News- Part 14

Did you know that more than 27 million square kilometres of the world’s oceans are now protected marine life sanctuaries? This is ten times more protected ocean than a decade ago.  Canada is on track to have 10% of its ocean waters protected by next year.  It’s true. 

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Good News-Part 13

It’s true. 

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Life Saving Vaccines- Good News – Part 12

It’s true!

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Kind Words – Good News Part 11

It’s true. 

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