Thanks Mom and Dad

My parents in their flower garden

At my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebrations at the beginning of May, we children ended our readers’ theatre and slide show by thanking our parents for the many things they had done for us. Of course, we couldn’t include all the things we are grateful for but we mentioned some key things. We thanked Mom and Dad for………

Providing a warm and supportive family atmosphere and being such good role models for us by………

remaining faithful and committed to each other through good times and bad

My Dad with his five sisters. 

 investing time and effort to maintain good relationships with their own siblings 

and in doing so teaching us the value and importance of a close family. 

Skiing with my family in Banff Alberta

planning and paying for family trips where we could all enjoy each others company

accepting each one of us for who we are

and appreciating our uniqueness and individualityputting so much effort into recognizing and celebrating family birthdaysmaintaining the cottage for so many years

It has remained a stable meeting place for usand for our children

hosting holiday gatherings that included traditions like Scripture reading, music-making, prayer, gift-giving and great meals

teaching us the value of hard work

and doing our bestbeing supportive grandparents their grandchildren could count on

for love and care

giving us the assurance our family will always be there for us

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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