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It Caught Georgia O’ Keefe’s Eye Too

desert flower“What a beautiful flower growing in the middle of the desert.”  I was on a hike with friends in the Red Cliff Desert Reserve in St. George Utah, when I caught sight of this lovely flower. I took several photos and since it was a bit windy one friend even held a blossom still so I could photograph it better. jimson weed red cliffs desert reserve st. georgeA few days later I was visiting an art gallery and saw a reproduction of a painting by famous southwest artist Georgia O’Keefe. “That’s the same flower,” I said recognizing the flower I’d photographed in the desert. georgia-okeeffe-painting

Turns out it wasn’t a flower at all but the Jimson Weed, a  plant that originated in Mexico but has now spread throughout the southwest and…… Georgia O’Keefe was just as enamored with the flowering plant as I was.  She painted several different versions of it. 

jimson weed 2 by georgia o keefe

Kind of made me feel special to know I shared an artistic eye with someone like Georgia O’ Keefe. jimson weed utah

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Desert Walk

red hills desert gardenOne morning our group of Utah women adventurers decided to do a trek through The Red Hills Desert Garden.

cactus designThe garden is beautifully designed and we enjoyed discovering some new species like…indian fig cactus the Indian fig cactus blackfoot daisyand the Blackfoot Daisyjoshua tree loriMy friend Lori had learned about the Joshua Tree on her recent visit to Arizona so she shared her knowledge with the rest of us.

marge crosses the brook

My friend Marge crosses the stream in the garden. We spotted two pairs of mallards swimming in the stream although we couldn’t spot any fish.

It rained for a bit during our walk but we didn’t let that deter us. rainblow desert gardenAnd we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbowdino tracks in the desert gardenOne of the knowledgeable garden employees helped us find the dinosaur footprints the park is famous for.  learning about dino tracksThey think the kind of dinosaur that made these prints might be a Dilophosaurus. tracks of the dinoWe posed with some of the dinosaur prints.

desert reserveOur helpful guide suggested we head off on a walk through the Red Cliff Desert Reserve adjacent to the garden.  He thought we might spot a tortoise.  

rock formation

Doesn’t that rock Marge is looking at resemble a turtle’s shell?

We didn’t see a tortoise but we did spot a rabbit and some very interesting rock formations.  desert flowerWe also saw beautiful flowers blooming in the desert. 

walking in the desert reserveWe could have stayed longer but it was soon time to head out to the ball diamond to cheer for our husbands in their next game.  We’d had a great morning in the Desert Garden and Desert Reserve. 

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Hiking the Virgin

fran and dave hike utahWe are visiting the state of Utah. On Sunday we did our first hike with our friends Fran and Marge.  We picked an easy walkway called The Virgin Trail that led us along a riverbed and through some beautiful rock formations.  We took to naming the rock formations we saw.  hedgehogs mating utahFran called this one Two Hedgehogs Mating.  sleeping drunk formation utahI called this one  Face of a Drunk Man Lying on His Side.  half man half apeDave called this one Half Man- Half Ape. iguana tree formationThere were some dead trees carved by wind and rain along the trail too.  This one reminded me of an iguana.  Beautiful flowers grew along our way.  brown eyed susanI recognized these brown eyed susansflower utah but although on the hike I had no idea what these lovely blossoms were called I found out later they were Yellow Birds of Paradise. bird watching utah

When you are on a hike with Fran you are always looking for birds.  Here Fran is pointing out a road runner to Dave who is trying to capture it on camera.  Unfortunately none of Dave’s bird pictures really turned out but in addition to the road runner we saw trumpeter swans, turkey buzzards, white crown sparrows and a beautiful blue heron. wind swept rock utahI loved the way the wind and water had shaped this rock to look like icing on a cake. The multi-colored rocks made a motley photo back drop. The scenery along the trail was spectacular. 

Walking the Virgin Trail was a lovely way to start our Utah sojourn. 

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It’s Fall

These words from poet Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem Merry Autumn seem appropriate for this first week of October as we move towards Thanksgiving weekend. 

Don’t talk to me of solemn days
     In autumn’s time of splendor,
Because the sun shows fewer rays,
     And these grow slant and slender.

Why, it’s the climax of the year,—
     The highest time of living!—
Till naturally its bursting cheer
     Just melts into thanksgiving.

Photo taken in Cox’s Cove Newfoundland

Photo taken in Quebec City

Photo taken in Winnipeg

Photo taken in Saskatoon

Photo taken in Toronto

Photo taken in New Zealand

Photo taken in Iceland

Photo taken in my parents’ barn near Steinbach

Photo taken on Lake Winnipeg

Photo taken at Moose Lake

Photo taken at the Bata Shoe Museum 

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Early Morning Walk At Moose Lake

My grandparents bought a cottage at Moose Lake in 1960.  Later my parents owned it for many decades. Now my brother and his wife own it.  This week my siblings and I gathered there with our Dad and some of our partners to plan my father’s 90th birthday celebration this fall. 

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Animal Wisdom

God sets out the entire creation as a science classroom, using birds and beasts to teach wisdom. – Job 35:9  (The Message)

giraffe taronga zoo australia

Giraffe- photo taken at the Taronga Zoo Australia

Reach for new heights. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out.

bison herd

Bison- photo taken at Fort Whyte Nature Centre Winnipeg

Have a tough hide. Roam wild and free.

butterfly wonderland phoenix

Butterfly- photo taken  in Phoenix Arizona

Look for the sweetness in life. Let your true colors show. 

burrowing owl

Owl- photo taken Fort Whyte Nature Center

Glide through the dark times. Remember life’s a hoot.

dragon fly 1

Dragon Fly- photographed at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Keep your eyes open. Zoom in on your dreams.

alligators in florida

Alligator- photo taken in the Florida Keys

Keep an eye out for opportunities.  Take a bite out of life. 

horses iceland

Horse- photo taken in Iceland

Loosen the reins. Carry your friends when they need it.

herons hecla island

Heron- photo taken at Hecla Island

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.  Look below the surface. 

elephant barcelona zoo

Elephant- photo taken at the Barcelona Zoo

Don’t work for peanuts.  Be all ears. 

lion in phoenix zoo

Lion -photo taken in the Phoenix Zoo

Roar with confidence. Show your pride.

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We Saw The Polar Bears!

polar bearsThe polar bears in the Journey to Churchill exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo were swimming on Sunday.  I have been to the exhibit on numerous occasions and have never yet been fortunate enough to view the polar bears from the clear tunnel that allows visitors to watch them as the paddle through the cool water. I’m glad they saved their show for my most recent visit because I was at the zoo with my two grandsons and they were as excited as I was, to watch the polar bears’ antics in the water. My daughter-in-law wondered how the polar bears came to be in the zoo and I wasn’t sure so I did a little research.  journey to churchillA Global News article in January of 2018 says the bears in the exhibit are all orphans who were found in the Churchill area when they were under the age of 16 months. They would have had no chance of surviving on their own in the wild. 

zoo polar bearsI also learned that all nine bears currently living at the Assinboine Zoo have names.   Thank you Juno, Nanuq, Siku, York, Blizzard, Star, Kaska, Storm and Aurora for providing an exciting experience for zoo visitors. 

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