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The Myrdalsjokull Glacier Hike

quartet on glacierWe hiked up to the Myrdalsjokull glacier. kaaren and me glacier vikThe weather kept changing drastically during our hike.  One minute it would be sunny and the next freezing and raining like in this photo with my sister.  streams from glacier vikAll along the way we saw these streams running down from the sides of the mountains.  hike to galcierIn some places there were so many they made a loud rushing sound. hike to glacierOf course Dave as usual was way ahead of the rest of us….. dave sign glacierand was the first to reach the sign that said we shouldn’t proceed any further without proper ice hiking equipment. Since everyone else seemed to be ignoring the sign we did too and kept walking closer to the glacier. ken on glacierMy intrepid brother-in-law Ken climbed a little further and higher than the rest of us.dave and me glacier vikWhen we got up right close to the glacier the sun came out.dave and ken having funAnd Ken and Dave hammed it up a bit for the photographer. woman who took our photo vikThis fellow hiker lived in Columbia for most of her life but now resides in Florida.  Here she is telling Ken and Dave about the effects of the recent hurricane in her home city of Fort Lauderdale.  group photo glacier vikShe offered to take group photos of us. hiking to vik glacierMyrdalsjokull is Iceland’s fourth largest glacier covering nearly 600 square kilometers. vik glacierIt is on top of the volcano Katla which erupts every 40-80 years. The last eruption was in 1918. at the glacier vikApparently at places the ice on this glacier is hundreds of metres thick. three trolls with rainbowOn our drive home from the glacier we stopped at another lookout point to see the iconic local landform nicknamed The Three Trolls. Can you see the faint rainbow off to the left?rainbow near vik icelandAlthough the constant switch of the weather from cold and rainy to sunny and warmer all day wasn’t convenient it did create many beautiful rainbowsarch rainbowand some lovely light effects over the ocean. sun over the oceanWe’ve only been in Iceland a couple days but I’m beginning to believe what writer Stephen Markley said is  true……. rock bridge“The problem with driving around in Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five minutes. It’s totally exhausting.”

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Thinking About the Florida Keys

We spent time in the Florida Keys with our friends Rudy and Sue in 2014.  As I have watched the news about Hurricane Irma I’ve been thinking about that trip and wondering what has happened to the places we visited. HemingwayhouseMy friend Sue and I toured Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West and saw the more than fifty cats that make their home there, direct descendants of a feline that was a gift to Hemingway from a Florida sea-captain.  Apparently during the hurricane a group of dedicated employees stayed behind to protect the Hemingway house and the cats even though authorities ordered them to evacuate and Hemingway’s granddaughter urged them to evacuate as well.  

cat at hemingway house in florida

One of the cats I photographed on our visit to Hemingway’s House.

I’ve discovered that luckily both the museum staff and the cats survived the hurricane and Hemingway’s house was not damaged.  chillin out on the prow floridaIn Marathon Florida we went for a sail on a boat our friends Ed and Millie had worked on during an earlier visit to the Keys.  I have read that at one point Marathon was completely underwater and many marinas in the area look like giant shipwrecks. jay and sue and meI wonder how our boat the Geni Green and its Captain Jay fared? florida alligatorAnother thing we did in the Keys was take a drive down Alligator Alley. We saw literally hundreds of alligators.  alligators in floridaNews reports say that thousands of these alligators have been displaced from their natural habitat because of the hurricane and some are wandering the streets of Florida’s cities and towns. 

Having visited the Florida Keys the news I’m seeing about the devastation there seems just a little more personal. The Florida Keys was a terrific tourist destination.  Hopefully it will be able to rebound from this tragedy and become a beautiful place to visit once again. 

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Here is a fossil of a giant sea scorpion found in North American waters millions of years ago.

Here is indigenous artist Norval Morrisseau’s painting of the water panther god Misshipehu. It moved through the same waters as the ancient sea scorpion.
The two items are displayed near each other at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Can you see any resemblance?

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At the Lake

moose lake cottageEvery summer since I’ve been seven I’ve spent time at this lakeside cottage.  Its been in our family for three generations.  My brother and his family are the current owners and they work so hard to continually improve it.  They keep it looking absolutely lovely! I am so appreciative of the way they are maintaining a piece of our family history and also how generous they are about sharing it with family members. They warmly welcomed me this last weekend when I drove out for a quick visit. 

marylou and brotherI have lived in twenty- one different homes since I was born, but the cottage has been a constant in my life.  Spending a day there always calms my spirit and rests my mind. Sitting around a dancing fire under a black sky brilliant with stars, long chats with family members, reading a good book in a comfortable sunny spot, eating a perfectly barbecued steak at the picnic table, having my morning coffee looking out over the glassy water, hearing a loon call, seeing a doe and her fawn on the road, dipping into the lake for a refreshing swim, watching hummingbirds, going for a boat ride and being disconnected from my cell phone and the internet.   It’s the best kind of therapy. 

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On the Boardwalk and Walking to the Tip of Canada

During our time in Ontario I spent an afternoon at Point Pelee National Park.  In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday the park is free to all visitors throughout the year. I was accompained by my daughter-in-law and sister-in-law as we walked the entire length of a board walk that takes you out across a large marsh. We heard many birds, saw beautiful water flowers and my daughter-in-law spied a painted turtle resting on a lily pad. I learned from the signage along the boardwalk that wetlands like the Pelee Marsh help to prevent water shortages and curb global warming.  Canada is home to 25% of the world’s wetlands. 

I also learned the marsh’s stands of cat tails, are like nature’s supermarket providing nourishment and shelter for many different kinds of creatures.  Insects hibernate in the cat tails’ hollow stems in winter and the cat tails’ roots, shoots and seeds provide muskrats, ducks and geese with food. From the top of the tall tower at the end of the marsh you can get a beautiful birds-eye view of the wetland. One of the flowers we saw blooming profusely in the marsh was the swamp rose. Later we hiked down to the tip of Point Pelee, the southern most point on Canada’s mainland. I had a relaxing and energizing afternoon in a beautiful setting with two women it’s great to spend time with. What could be better? 

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A Little Gem on the River

marylou benjaminson parkWe were invited to the new home of friends who recently moved to the St. James area of the city. The only bus I could take arrived a good forty minutes before our dinner date time.  Walking  towards our friends’ home from the bus stop I came upon a lovely little park I didn’t even know existed.  benjaminson parkAs I wandered into Benjaminson Park I came upon a sign that explained the park had been named after Skuli Benjaminson (1879-1970) a pioneer who had owned one of the first homes in the area.  He helped chop down trees so Portage Avenue could be built and was instrumental in bringing power lines into the area. memorial stone benjaminson parkHe was the only owner of a car and telephone in the neighborhood’s early days and he generously provided communication and transportation services to his neighbors. 

bench benjaminson parkBenjaminson Park is lovely.  There’s a bench under a tree which is the perfect place to read. down by the riverYou have a lovely view of the river. purple flowersI sat reading my book for a good half hour enjoying the beautiful purple flowers around me, the birds swooping down to the river and the leafy greenery.  I was almost sorry to leave but a fabulous meal with great friends awaited me.

river view benjaminson parkWinnipeg is full of little parks like the Benjaminson.  It would be neat someday to do a pilgrimage and try to visit them all. 

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Go outside, go often…….

Hug a tree.  A friend told me about a doctor who prescribed ‘hugging trees’ as a way to treat mental illness and anxiety. His patients really did feel better after going on walks and literally hugging trees.  In a recent article in The Atlantic called  How to Harness Nature’s Healing Power Florence Williams the author of a new book called The Nature Fix says there is a growing body of scientific research to show just how good spending time in nature is for your brain and your body. It comes at a time however when people are spending less and less time outside.

My sister and I having a tea party outside at our grandparents house

According to Williams children of my generation  spent 70% of our play time outdoors.  Now most children spend 70% of their play time indoors and most adults spend 87% of their waking hours indoors. Williams urges everyone to get outside into nature as often as we can.  An article in Business Insider gives scientific reasons why this is so important. 

Enjoying nature in Akaka Falls State Park Hawaii

Research shows being out in nature sharpens your short-term memory, improves your vision, reduces stress and restores mental energy. It can help you think more creatively. 

Hiking in Arizona

Spending time in nature will make you live longer, boost your immune system, reduce your chance of getting cancer and improve your mental health and powers of concentration.

Wilderness hiking with my Hong Kong students

Many cities are realizing the importance of people spending time in nature and are being deliberate about creating and maintaining green spaces in urban environments.  This is necessary because otherwise spending time in nature will only be available to people wealthy enough to leave the cities in which they live and get out into nature.  One of the things that really surprised us when we lived in Hong Kong was how much government protected green space there was for people to enjoy. 

Prairie grasses in the park at the end of my street

I live in the heart of downtown Winnipeg but there is a beautiful park right at the end of my street which runs along the river.  I have no excuse not to go outside and go often!

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