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A Manitoba Boy Learns to Brew Beer in Korea

peg city co.Scott Sawatsky was a young man teaching English in Korea when he met a German brewmaster living there who taught Scott everything he needed to know about making beer.   That’s the story we heard when Scott gave us an interesting tour of the beer making process at the Peg Beer Co.  just down the street from our home. Scott really did learn to make beer while teaching in Korea and now works as a brewmaster himself here in Winnipeg. See the bags of rye malt used in some of the beers beside Scott?  It comes from Bamberg Germany.  Dave and I spent Christmas Day in 2010 in Bamberg.  One of the things we did was sample beer from the nine different breweries in Bamberg. 

peg city co. breweryWe had a fun Monday night at the Peg Beer Co. with three other couples.  First we took a tour of the brewing facility and learned so many interesting things from Scott about how the beer at Peg Beer Co. is made.  One fascinating thing I remember is that after the barley has served its purpose flavoring the water for the beer, a Manitoba farmer comes and picks up the mashed barley to feed to his pigs. The kitchen at Peg City Beer Co.  buys some of those pigs back from that same farmer to use for the pork items on the Peg City Beer Co. menu. Talk about recycling!  

We learned from Scott that the different craft brewers in Winnipeg help each other out and share information and expertise with one another, even though in some ways they are competitors.   Isn’t that great? 

After our tour we enjoyed some of the excellent items on the Peg Beer Co.  menu.  You can go to the establishment any time for the food and craft beers, but if you want a tour they are offered on Mondays.  

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Celebrating Our Marriage History in a Historical Building

529 WellingtonHe owned our home! Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary by having lunch at 529 Wellington. We had never been there before. I’d always wanted to visit though, because the restaurant is located in the former home of Mr. James Henry Ashdown a Winnipeg mayor who once owned the warehouse where our condo is located. ashdown warehouseMr. Ashdown who immigrated to Canada from England in the late 1800s sold hardware at a store on the corner of Main Street and Bannatyne and housed his stock of merchandise a block away in a warehouse that has now been converted into a hundred condo units. 

James and his wife Susan and their five children moved into a grand mansion at 529 Wellington in 1913. Their former home now houses one of the city’s landmark restaurants.  

library ashdown houseWe had a nice lunch at a table in the home’s former library. wallpaper 529 wellingtonThe wallpaper in the room intrigued me. It featured an old-fashioned illustrated alphabet. The border had words adapted from the Biblical book of Isaiah 35: 1.  The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. But perhaps because the wallpaper is in a home it was chosen because the exact phrase on the wallpaper is used in a poem by Christina Rossetti called From House to Home

spinach salad 529 WellingtonI had a spinach salad roast beef sandwich 529 Wellingtonand Dave had a roast beef sandwich. blueberry bread pudding 529 wellingtonWe ended our meal by sharing a blueberry bread pudding. 

sun room ashdown houseAfter lunch I toured the other rooms in the house which offer different options for dining patio ashdown houseand the friendly maitre de showed me the patio and offered to take my photo there. 

43 anniversaryOur forty-three year marriage has a long and interesting history as does the place we chose to celebrate it yesterday.

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Gender Neutral Washrooms

stellas washroomI had lunch at the new Stellas restaurant on Pembina Highway yesterday. I used the gender neutral washroom and really didn’t think about the fact that it was gender neutral till I came out of my private stall and a man was washing his hands at the sink. Sure it seemed a little strange because it’s not something I’m used to.  But I had no problem with it.  It made me wonder how segregated bathrooms had started in the first place.

gender neutral bathroomApparently  there never used to be public washrooms for women since they weren’t encouraged to ‘go out’ in the world of men.  Their place was in the home. “How archaic,” we think now. So in the early 1900s when laws requiring public restrooms for both men and women came into effect it was really a step forward for women.  

co-ed bathroomI suspect my great-grandchildren will read one day about gender specific bathrooms in public places and say, “How archaic!”  Many newly constructed public places are installing gender neutral washrooms and as older buildings are renovated their owners are making the change too.  Within a generation or two gender specific bathrooms will be a thing of the past. As we continue to learn more about the science and sociology of gender identity, gender neutral bathrooms make sense and besides they save space and are more practical for families with young children. 

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Miss Browns

blues night poster for residents of the exchangeWe visited a new restaurant last week along with other members of the Residents of the Exchange Association.   Miss Browns hosted a special evening to introduce people who live in our neighborhood to their unique menu.

blue noise jazz trioWe were entertained throughout the evening by trio from a group called Blue Noise who bill themselves as the hottest new blues band in Winnipeg.  sliders at Miss BrownsWe started out with a fabulous array of appetizers- smoked salmon mini bagels, fried pickerel on toast with avocado, brisket sliders and smoked chicken wings.owner Miss Browns

Jenny Tyrell and her husband Steve are the owners of Miss Browns. Jenny and Steve were doing catering at his mother’s boutique vineyard in Sydney Australia when Jenny who is originally from Winnipeg got the bright idea they should move back here and open a sandwich shop featuring meats they smoked on site. They’ve named their restaurant for their daughter who they playfully nicknamed Miss Brown when she was a baby. main course miss browns winnipegThis was our main course- BBQ pulled-pork, smoked brisket, baby back ribs and a selection of side condiments and sauces. The meat at Miss Browns comes from All Natural Meats in Carmen, Manitoba and other food items are also locally sourced. miss browns dinnerWe had a nice visit with a couple who live just a couple blocks away from us that Dave had connected with previously at his part-time job. miss brownsThere are always new eating spots offering unique cuisine opening their doors in the Exchange District.  It’s one of the things that makes living here so interesting. 

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Breakfast on Marion Street

marion hotel winnipegMy husband asked me out on a breakfast date yesterday morning to celebrate the birth of our new grandson. I have to admit from the parking lot, the place he chose, didn’t look like much.  What kind of breakfast would we get there? interior marion street hotelWhen we walked inside the Marion Street Eatery it was clean, bright, warm and charming. patio marion streetThere was a morning chill in the air so we opted to eat inside but our table looked out over the sunny patio which had a nice view of an architecturally interesting old church across the street.
art marion hotel

The service was prompt and friendly and it wasn’t long before we had piping hot coffee in front of us and had given our orders. There was some interesting art on the walls including this intriguing painting of three bison.breakfast marion street eatery

The Marion Street Eatery promises you food that’s delicious but simple.  Comfort food.  My  breakfast was exactly that!marion street eatery

We had a nice visit before heading off.  Dave was on his way to the slow pitch ball diamond where he was playing in the second day of a tournament and I was going to the art gallery to give a tour to kindergarten kids and then headed to a final meeting about my students at the University of Winnipeg. 

We’ll go back to the Marion Street Eatery.  It’s a nice homey place for breakfast. 

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Lunch on A Rooftop in Toronto

dave marylou roof top

We had lunch on the roof top of the Hush Restaurant in Toronto. Our waitress was from Newfoundland originally and was efficient and interesting to talk to. 

The Food

won ton tacos

Won Ton Chicken Tacos

spicy pear and goat cheese salad

Pear and Goat Cheese Salad

spicy cesar

Spicy Caesar

The View

view from hush restaurant roof top

toronto roof top

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David Bowie in My Neighbourhood

Yesterday the media was filled with stories about singer David Bowie’s death. Bowie made multiple visits to Winnipeg during his career.  The legend of Bowie lives on in a Winnipeg restaurant just one block over from our condo building.  Johnny G’s is a popular local eating spot on McDermot Street. It has a large indoor mural featuring six music legends.Johnny G's music legends mural

It shows John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Neal Young having coffee at the counter of a diner. The prices on the wall indicate the diner is from a bye gone era.

elvis presley johnny g'sElvis Presley is also in the mural just to the left of John Lennon but I couldn’t fit him into the shot with my husband Dave. When answering the famous Proust Questionnaire  for Vanity Fair magazine in 1998 David Bowie said the living person he most admired was “Elvis.” Presley died in 1977.

So if you are missing David Bowie you might drop into Johnny G’s and have a burger and a beer in a booth beneath his likeness in the mural. 

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