MaryLou Driedger is a former teacher, a freelance writer, mother, grandmother, marriage partner, world traveler, avid cycler, and book lover.  She started this blog when she retired and moved back to Winnipeg after living in Hong Kong for six years. Since then she has worked at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and for the University of Winnipeg but both of those jobs ended with the COVID-19 pandemic.  

MaryLou began a journey to become a children’s writer in 2012 and in 2021 her first novel Lost on the Prairie was published by Heritage House Publishing.  MaryLou is the librarian at her church, serves on the Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library Board, is a regular speaker at various events, and volunteers at a Thrift Store.  She has been a newspaper columnist for The Carillon regional newspaper since 1985 and hundreds of her freelance pieces have been published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, books, journals, travel guides, institutional histories, and curriculums. She has written the script and lyrics for a musical. 

MaryLou can be contacted at maryloudriedger@gmail.com

6 responses to “About

  1. james rempel

    returning from the buzz of hong kong to the peg must be a serious culture shock.
    james rempel


  2. Rebecca Lorenz

    I am interested in your journey of discovery to Ukraine. What caught my interest is your reference to Roppovo which is where my grandmother, Helena Thiessen, and her family lived. My grandmother’s father, Jacob Thiessen, is a brother to the Mrs. Enns in your story. I have photos of Mrs. Enns, her husband, parents and siblings in case you are interested. I would be glad to forward them to you. I am interested in traveling to Ukraine to see Roppovo and would appreciate any information you might have concerning its whereabouts. Victor Penner seems to be very knowledgeable and I would like to have his contact information. Thank you in advance for any information you might have concerning Roppovo and Victor Penner.
    Rebecca Lorenz


  3. You picked a perfect name for your new blog home – I am looking forward to following your adventures. 🙂


  4. Steven Johnston

    Just found your site by accident! I got sent your link to the statue of David article you wrote.

    Great site!


  5. Sandi senkiw

    Would love to receive the newsletter.
    Looking forward to this exciting book.
    Love your stories and the adventures you take your reader on!!


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