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Good News- Part 3

literacyIt’s true. 

Good News- Part 1

Good News- Part 2

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Good News- Part 2

 It’s true. 

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Ozone Hole

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Good News – Part 1

ozone layer

It’s true.



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Bucket List

“She lived to be 75.  A good long life.”  I was talking to a young woman the other day and that was how she described someone who had died recently.   “Yikes!”  I thought.  I am only a decade away from that mark.  I’m hoping, if my health is good to perhaps be around for another decade after 75.  Our conversation got me thinking about some of the things I’d still like to attempt before I’m 75.  Here they are!

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The Reason Why I Am Upping My Game at the Gym

This cartoon explains why I have been upping my game at the gym since I got home from Portugal.

I need to give full credit for having the courage to put my drawings on this blog to writer Carrie Snyder who has been doing her own drawings on social media since January. She said in a recent cartoon that you don’t have to be good or technically skilled to be an artist. What you draw can be humble and poor and raw but still engage, entertain, move and perhaps even challenge the viewer.

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Easter Memories

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I’m Trying to Draw Cartoons

Easter Inspiration


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I’m Trying To Draw Cartoons

I’m trying to draw cartoons.  I was inspired by Canadian author Carrie Snyder who has been sketching a four frame cartoon every day in 2018.  She is a professional writer, not a professional artist but is exploring her creativity by doing quick daily cartoons.  In one of them she reminds us we don’t have to be technically skilled to be an artist. 

My writers’ group has been reading the book The Artists’ Way and it encourages us to explore our creativity in new ways, by stretching ourselves.  If you have been following my blog you know that during our two months in Portugal I’ve been trying to do eight things everyday to improve myself as a writer. I’ve written about five of those things – the sixth is drawing.  I’ve done a sketch or a drawing everyday, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to do those drawings in the form of cartoons.  Some of them tell about experiences I’ve had. Here’s one. 

Some of them summarize things I’m learning.  My writers group listened to a Ted Talk by Brene Brown. This is how I summarized it in a cartoon. 

I think drawing cartoons can help me become a better writer because it makes me  think about experiences and ideas in new ways and forces me to summarize them in just a couple phrases. 

Note: I have written about six of the daily things I did to work on my writing skills during my time in Portugal. The seventh is to write these blog posts everyday and the eighth is working on the books I make for my grandsons.  On this holiday I’ve been creating a songbook for my younger grandson’s upcoming birthday. 

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