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Common Threads- The Hopi

hopi grade one class

My grade one class in our Hopi school

Our family lived for a year on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona and taught in a school there run by the Mennonite Church. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to explore Hopi faith and culture. We were invited to many dances and community events in the villages where our students lived.  Our younger son was a participant in Hopi Head Start and this gave us a chance to spend lots of time with other young parents and learn how their spiritual beliefs had guided their lives and guided the life of their people for thousands of years. 

eagle dance

Our son ready for the eagle dance

When our son’s Head Start group was asked to do the eagle dance at a religious gathering the other fathers helped Dave make our son’s giant eagle feathers, taught Dave to sing the song that would accompany the dance and included him and our son in all the rehearsals.  I had tears in my eyes as the elderly Hopi women of the eagle clan tenderly brushed the feather’s on our son’s back as he finished dancing with his friends. The Hopi religious ceremonies were so colorful and full of music and drama and dance and gift giving and eating and intergenerational teaching and relationship building.  I often stopped to think how austere my own faith’s worship practices were in comparison. And there were many common threads. 

piki bread on display at the heard musuem

Traditional piki bread made by the Hopi from blue corn

Just as we said grace before a meal the Hopi took a tiny bit of food from each serving dish on a table and placed it in a bowl outside the door on the ground as a thank you to the spirits. Just as we dedicate babies in our churches they had meaningful and celebratory baby naming ceremonies to which we were invited.  We baptize young people in our faith and they had special ceremonies in their kivas to induct teens into their kachina society.

bb team hopi mission school 1990

My husband with the Hopi basketball team he coached

Dave who taught and coached this age group at the school was even invited to attend one of these initiation ceremonies.  His willingness to do that and our readiness to participate in Hopi dances and allow our son to do so, was questioned and criticized by some church members.  They warned us to be wary and careful about getting over involved in Hopi spirituality but we figured if we were teaching the children about Christianity at the school we needed to be accepting of the invitations they gave us to learn about their spirituality. 

boys on hopi indian reservationjpg

Our son with a good friend when we were living on the Hopi Nation

Living among the Hopi people for a year was a memorable experience for our family. We learned there were many common threads between our faith and the faith of the Hopi. We saw God in our Hopi students and their families and their insights, traditions and practices helped us embrace God’s mysterious presence in the world.

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A Study in Contrasts

winnipeg window.jpgThis is me walking home after work yesterday on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg.  I’m taking a photo of a snowflake artwork featuring the Provencher Bridge on the windows of the Portage Place Shopping Center.  If you look at my reflection I’m wearing my winter coat.  I needed to because the temperature was -7 degrees. dave-driedger-on-bike

This is my husband Dave yesterday riding his bike and golfing in Gold Canyon Arizona where he’s on a little holiday with his friend Rudy. Notice he is wearing shorts and sandals and the flowers are blooming and the grass and trees are green. The temperature is 24 degrees. 

A study in contrasts. 

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Family Fun

arrivederci-dinnerMy brother-in-law and sister in law’s time in Phoenix overlapped with ours by a couple of weeks.  Although their rented home is over an hour away from ours we have still managed to get together for two games of golf, a lunch and supper that included our children and grandchildren, a night at the Handlebar restaurant and dinner at Arrivedercis a family owned and operated Italian place with fabulous food. We also managed to fit in a few games of euchre.   We always have a great time with Paul and Shirley!dave-paul-golf



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Two Artists- Me and My Grandson

drawing-a-ceramic-turtleDuring my four year old grandson’s  stay with us in Arizona we had so much fun creating art together.
grandmas-turtle-drawingWe drew turtles using a ceramic turtle as our model. grandsons-turtle-drawingMy grandson labeled his turtle in French because that’s his first language.
grandmas-maskWe created these masks together in the art studio grandsons-maskat the Phoenix Children’s Museum during the afternoon we spent there.  
cape-dorset-coloring-bookWe both like coloring. I knew my grandson was learning about Canada’s north at school so I brought an Inuit art coloring book for him. One rainy afternoon we spent about an hour coloring. He colored Bountiful Sea by Meelia Kelly while I women-artist-coloring-bookworked on a portrait in my Women Artists’ Coloring Book called Portrait of Princess Belozersky  by Marie Louise Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun. 
construxs-machinesWe used the construxs building toys I’d brought along to make a bunch of different machines. My grandson made a gum machine and a toy machine. I  made a music machine and a sandwich machine.

cacti backyardOne sunny morning we both sketched the different plantscacti-childs-art we saw in our backyard. 

art-from-rocks-with-kidsAnother morning we used stones to make three faces.  My grandson labeled them George, Jean and Jack after the three main characters in a story about three coyotes which his grandfather continued each night. After it got dark Dave lit a fire in our fire pit wrapped our grandson in a cosy blanket and they created another chapter in their ongoing saga about the adventures of George, Jean and Jack. 

rock-artStones were featured in this art project as well where we used thin tipped felt markers to create faces and scenes on the flat sections of stones.

iguana-drawingOn Tuesday we decided to draw two iguanas sitting on a rock. My grandson drew and colored the little iguana and I did the big one. We colored the rock together.  We discovered the spelling for the word iguana is exactly the same in English and French except for the last letter. 

grandma-portraitBut my favorite art piece from our week together is this portrait my grandson drew of me. 

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Showers and Flowers

It rained pretty much all weekend here in the San Tan Valley.  That’s not the kind of weather you hope for on a trip to Arizona and we had to get creative with finding activities especially for our four year old grandson. But the upside of all that rain is that the desert has started to bloom.  hiking-dynamite-trailYesterday was a sunny beautiful day and we went for a family hike with our children and grandchildren on the Dynamite Trail in the San Tan Regional Park. I had hiked it with my friend Justina recently and there was not a flower in sight.  yellow-desert-bloomsYesterday when we hiked it there were beautiful little yellow and purple blooms popping up everywhere.  purple-desert-flowersDesert flowers are a more common sight here in late March and April but yesterday we got a little preview of what that must be like.  There was a silver lining to those showers. 

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An Arizona Trifecta

ray-and-nickyBreakfast with Ray and Nicky paul-and-shirleyGolfing with Paul and Shirleyhans-and-chrisSupper with Hans and Chrischris-and-marylou

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A New Sport For Dave

pickle-ball-daveMy husband Dave had tried the game of pickle ball once or twice before coming here to Arizona but now he’s joined a community league and he plays virtually every day for two hours or more.  He wasn’t sure about investing money in a pickle ball paddle till he knew if he really liked the game. Our Steinbach friend Ric who spends half the year here in Arizona came to his aid . Ric wasn’t using his pickle ball paddle due to an athletic injury and said Dave could borrow his.  Dave contacted the local  pickle ball coordinator on-line and the first week we were here he hit the courts.  dave-plays-pickle-ballI love hearing his stories about the various players every time he comes home.  He is making lots of new friends from all over Canada and the United States and is really having fun. pickle-ball-court-dave-azThe other night he actually went to a sports store to look for a paddle of his own to take back home.  A couple from Winnipeg plays regularly in his Arizona group and they have invited him to join a league in St. Boniface that meets at a facility not too far from our home.  az-pickle-ballDave doesn’t really need another sport to get involved in but there is not doubt he’s a life-long athlete as the shots in this post attest to.  I had to take them through the wire mesh around the courts but I think they still give you a pretty good idea of just how much he’s enjoying his new sport. dave-pickle-ball-friendsOther posts……….

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