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Blooming Portugal

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Dorothy Garden

My mother’s birthday was this week.  She was born July 11, 1925 and would have been 91 years old this year. Mom died in June of 2013. One of the ways my father keeps my mother’s memory alive is by growing a Dorothy Garden each year in a plot on the grounds of the seniors’ apartment complex where he makes his home.  Dad lovingly tends the plants there.  one of mom and dad's flower bedsMy parents spent many hours together keeping their country property near Steinbach awash with beautiful flowers each year.  They were founding members of the Steinbach Garden Club and enjoyed sharing their love of growing things with others.

On Monday my brother and his wife stopped at Dad’s to take some photos of his 2016 Dorothy garden. 

dad and dorothy garden

dad and mark dorothy garden

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Flowers of Costa Rica


flower costa rica 8

flower costa rica 5

flower costa rica 2

flowers costa rica 4

flower costa rica 96

IMG_2costa rica flower 3387

flower costa rica 1jpg

costa rica flower 19

marylou orchid

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I’m Happy My Taxes Are Paying For This

red flower in the parkMy friend Esther and I were sketching in the English gardens in Assiniboine Park last week.  It was a gorgeous day and the gardens were alive with stunning flowers but what made me so happy were all the people in the park.  So many folks were out enjoying the lovely Manitoba morning.

water lilies and cloud reflectionWe chatted with an elderly couple walking their dog. They stopped to point out the hawk in the tree above our heads. “We come here everyday,” they said, “and that hawk is always perched right there. It’s his favorite tree.”  A Dad was reading the names of all the flowers on the little signs to his three young children.  Several people in wheelchairs were being pushed through the walkways and people with walkers and canes made their way slowly amongst the statues and plants. leo mol sculpture garden I was so fascinated with all the folks walking by I didn’t get much sketching done.  There was the teenager covered in tattoos in earnest conversation with her white-haired grandmother, a large extended family all dressed in pale green shirts in the park to have their photos taken by a professional photographer, a quartet of female friends out for a power walk and people who were clearly visitors to Winnipeg from other countries.family-leo-molI know people often complain about paying taxes but Monday morning in the park I said to myself, “I’m so glad I can contribute my tax dollars for the maintenance of this beautiful sanctuary that so many of my fellow citizens get to enjoy.” gate sketch

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My Dad Hasn’t Lost His Green Thumb

dad coleus plantI went to see my Dad on Saturday night and he gave me a tour around the yard of the seniors’ condominium where he lives. coleusDad serves on the residents’ committee that provides input regarding the landscaping of the grounds. With his green thumb always itchy and ready to work Dad has been busy outside pruning and watering and helping to keep the yard looking beautiful. mom and dad in greenhouseHe and my mother often worked together in the greenhouse on their country acreage near Steinbach.  
mom and dad in their flower gardenTogether they maintained a gorgeous yard and were active members of the Steinbach Garden Club. dorothy gardenAfter Mom passed away last June Dad planted a beautiful Dorothy Garden in her memory in a corner plot on the condominium yard. It is looking very nice again this year. dad and his tomato plantsMom and Dad always had a huge vegetable garden on their country property and they supplied friends and family and fellow church members with produce. tomatoesDad has a bumper crop of tomatoes on the go in his condominium plot too and we’ve been savouring some of the fine tomatoes he’s producing this year. dad's sunflowerDad’s sunflower plant is already dwarfing him. Who knows how high it will get?dad's flowersMy Dad was a doctor for most of his working life but he’s always had an affinity for growing things. I think he might get his green thumb from his mother. I remember the beautiful flowers my Grandma always had growing around her house in the little village of Gnadenthal. dad and garden

As he approaches his 86th birthday Dad’s green thumb is still just as skilled as ever and he’s using it to surround himself and the other people who share his condominium with beauty. 

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