Sharing His Birthday With Someone Special

dave and baby thomasDave’s birthday was on Monday but instead of having a  celebration of his own he chose to go to a party for our friends’ Tom and Sylvia’s new grandson. It is a Chinese custom to have a big celebration when a baby is one month old and Tom and Sylvia hosted a party for friends and family at The Golden Terrace Restaurant so we could all meet their grandson Thomas Alexander, the new little son of their children Will and Violet. 

The food was amazing! Lobster, chicken, pork, scallops, beef, shrimp, vegetables, soup, rice, and taro soup for dessert. There were also eggs dyed red to symbolize happiness and new life. Little Thomas was a contented sweetheart throughout the party and I got to enjoy holding him for a nice long time. 

dave, thomas and cakeWhen they brought out the cake for Thomas his Grandpa Tom insisted Dave pose with the baby and the cake since it was Dave’s birthday too.  

Although Dave throughly enjoyed his party with Thomas his favorite part of the day was coming home and listening to the “Happy Birthday Grandpa” message on his phone from our two year old grandson. He listened to it two times that night and then another two times the next morning. 

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