Let’s Talk About My Hair Cut

People have been emailing me and sending me Facebook messages about my new shorter hairstyle which they’ve seen in various blog posts. It wasn’t really planned. When I first moved back to Canada from Hong Kong I went to a beauty shop near our home and met Mary, who turned out to have this fascinating life story and did a great job of cutting my hair. But the next time I went to get a cut she was gone. Which led to a blog post called “She’s Gone.

I’ve had long hair most of my life. This photo was taken my very first year of teaching

The beauty shop owner said I should try Ming next and I did. Her family was from Hong Kong and she happened to work out at the same gym I did, so we had connections and she did a great job of cutting my hair. Last week, the day before we left on our trip south I had an appointment for a hair cut. “Ming is gone,” said the beauty shop owner when I arrived, “But Savannah will cut your hair.”

Savannah was so interesting to listen to that I didn’t really pay much attention to how short she was cutting my hair. Savannah is an aspiring comedy writer.  She’s given New York a try and landed a couple short-term comedy show writing gigs, but her stay in the Big Apple was only feasible because she had a boyfriend there who had an apartment she shared. When they broke up she had nowhere to live and her Dad in Winnipeg said she could move in with him if she got some sort of career training and looked for a job. Hence beauty school and her current position at my hairdressing shop.  She’s saving her money and hoping to soon have enough to return to New York to pursue her dreams. By the time Savannah’s story was done so was my hair cut and boy was it ever short- much shorter than I’d had it in a long time. So while I’m still experimenting with how to handle this short cut thanks for those of you who passed on compliments. I’m not sure I like it yet. But it’s been nice of you to notice.

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