I’m The Menu

We spent the last night of our holiday in Monfalcone, Italy and a highlight of our time there was having a fabulous lunch at a restaurant called Lo Sputino.

“I’m the menu,” our waitress said.

We sat down at a sunny table outside and asked our waitress for a menu. “I’m the menu,” she said and she proceeded to describe all of the various dishes their restaurant offered. Dave and I opted to share a Caprese Salad and eggplant lasagna. eggplant lasgna monfalcone italyOur waitress was worried. Were we sure that would be enough? We assured her it would be. And it was.  It was fabulous.  Quite different than the food we’ve been having in Croatia but great. 

We left Rovinj Croatia yesterday morning. Our cycling company had arranged for a driver to take us to Trieste Airport in Monfalcone Italy. In order to get to Italy, we had to pass through the country of Slovenia. This morning we are flying to Frankfurt Germany and then on home to Canada. Five countries in just over twenty-four hours.

I’ve loved our trip but after all that country-hopping I will be glad to get home and look forward to all the exciting family, work and community activities that await us. 

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