I Had My Toes Read

Last week I had a toe reading. My sister arranged it along with a pedicure as a special treat for me.  It was certainly an interesting experience. 

Our professional toe reader was a lively, dark-haired middle-aged woman who said she had been reading toes for eight years. Apparently our toes are always changing. Our reader told us she has been photographing her toes annually for many years and she is always surprised at how much her toes change in just one year.  She encouraged us to photograph our toes too. 

She emphasized that she wasn’t a fortune-teller, but would be suggesting how our toes told the story of our life, a story we could learn from, and how our toes could suggest ways we might want to live and act in the future.  

We learned our first toe was our  metal or destiny toe, the second our air or communication toe, the middle toe our fire toe or action toe, our fourth toe our water toe or relationship toe and our fifth toe was our earth toe or prosperity and abundance toe.

The toe reader sat on the floor and we sat in chairs and placed our toes on a white towel in front of her. She told us the toes on our left foot represented our inner life, while our right foot toes told the story of our outer life. 

My big toe and second toe on my right foot didn’t touch the ground and that means I’m ready for adventure.  The toe reader did correctly determine from examining my toes that I am a writer, that my family is important to me, that I believe in God and that I have lived abroad.  But she also said I wasn’t opinionated enough and I don’t think that’s true.  

Her main piece of advice for me after reading my toes was to ‘let go.’  I need to stop worrying about how situations in life will resolve themselves and just let go and get on with things believing they will be resolved in the best possible way without so much anxiety on my part. 

My sister and I had a good laugh about some of the things the toe reader had to say about our past and future, but she also gave us some interesting suggestions to think about. 

I am very curious about whether my toes actually change over time the way the toe reader insists they do! I just might have to start photographing my toes on regular basis to find out!

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