The Tale of the Traveling Pineapple Crisp

I told my friend Lucille I would bring a pineapple crisp for dessert when we came over for supper on Sunday. I had never made pineapple crisp before.

My husband is easily lured into spontaneous purchases especially when things are ‘on sale’. He had come home from a shopping trip to Costco earlier in the week with more pineapple than the two of us could ever eat. I decided I’d use some of it for a pineapple crisp. 

Our friends Darrel and Lucille live about thirteen kilometers away so Dave suggested we should cycle there in order to get in a little training run for our upcoming bike trip in Croatia. I thought that was a great idea. But how would we transport the pineapple crisp I had already made? It didn’t fit in our saddlebags or my bike’s wicker basket. Dave came up with an ingenious solution. We put the crisp into a plastic bag and he tied it to the back of his bike, securing it tightly in place with some duct tape. I’ll admit I was skeptical. I expected that crisp to go flying off the bike at any moment.  But there it sat as we bounced over railroad tracks, hit potholes in the pavement, made abrupt turns to avoid red lights, and were buffeted by gusts created by huge passing trucks.  The crisp arrived at Darrell and Lucille’s in perfect condition and served as a nice finale to the delicious meal our hosts had prepared for us and another couple. The bike ride home with a now-empty pineapple crisp dish was a little less nerve-wracking and provided a good way to work off any damage done to our waistline by eating the crisp.

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2 responses to “The Tale of the Traveling Pineapple Crisp

  1. Lucille Harms Toews

    The Crisp was delicious; and duct tape wins again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Steven Johnston

    Hope you managed to work off all those calories.


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