Images of Easter

Coloring Easter eggs with my mom. The curlers in my sisters’ hair and mine would insure a beautiful head of ringlets for church on Easter Sunday morning. 
Cherry Blossoms Along Philosopher’s Walk in Kyoto, Japan
With my sister in Easter bonnets and dresses sewn by our mother
Eggs I photographed in Odessa Ukraine
Our son age 4 at his grandparents with a new baby chick
Easter lilies in the lobby of our condo in Winnipeg
Easter 1956- My sister and I in our Easter bonnets
Jesus on the Cross- I photographed this at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Our son with a personalized Easter egg on his first Easter
Easter breakfast with my daughter-in-law
Easter Morning by Mary Riter Hamilton- photographed at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
Some sketches I did of my childhood Easters
With my friends in Assiniboine Park
Holding bunnies with my sister

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  1. Wonderful memories. I have very similar photos of my sister and me. For years the smell of vinegar reminded me of coloring eggs at Easter. Sweet post!

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