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Where Are the Recipes?

Recently one of my blog readers joked with me about the lack of cooking posts on What Next?  Back on March 27th I said that I’d be posting a new recipe Id tried every week in an attempt to  improve my culinary skills.  I haven’t been keeping that committment. It’s not that I’m not cooking. I am. Sometimes. But I’ve tended to make tried and true dishes or been in such a hurry that I haven’t taken photographs or documented my cooking process. 

But just to let you know…… I made two meals for guests last weekend and here’s the proof.  First meal was for friends Gerry and Maureen and Paul and Wendi. 

cucumber, kale, romaine, pomegranate, slivered almond, feta saladCucumber, kale, pomegranate, honeyed almond, feta, avocado salad with balsamic dressing.

pork loin roast in slow cooker with fruit compote

Pork loin roast done in the slow cooker with a brown sugar glaze served with a hot cinnamon,  and nutmeg flavoured fruit compote.roasted cauliflower with blue cheese hot sauce dressing

Roasted cauliflower in a hot sauce, blue cheese dressingroasted baby potatoes in garlic butter and parsley

Baby potatoes in garlic butter and parsley

I didn’t make dessert because my friend Wendi brought delicious mini carrot cake and cream cheese cupcakes.

Second meal was gourmet tacos for my Dad and my sister and her husband.gourment taco barHere’s my kitchen counter ready for taco making. 

I won’t make any more promises about the regularity of my cooking posts.  My last one was in May.  But I’ll still try to keep you posted on my cooking progress when I can. My friend Meena and her sister Beena made us delicious butter chicken when they were visiting in June and she’s left me with the ingredients to try that on my own. So that just might be my next post. 

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