Talk About Presentation

audrey and meMy friend Audrey is a fantastic cook.  She collects all kinds of interesting recipes to try.  Meals at her house are an adventure I always look forward to.   Audrey’s food not only tastes delicious!  It looks BEAUTIFUL!   I read on a food website that a plate of food is like a painting with the rim the frame.  If that’s the case Audrey creates masterpieces. flowery table settingOn our recent visit the table setting was a work of art in itself. appetizer boardOur first course offered a whole variety of taste delights artfully arranged on wooden boards. Notice all the different shades of green and at least a hint of red hidden in every component and the rounded shape of each item.skewers shrimp chicken

Our main course was barbequed meats on a bed of risotto, each arranged in a linear way on a long plate. great hostLook at my husband Dave licking his fingers enjoying every bite. Of course Audrey’s husband Terry plays a role in meal preparation too, manning the barbeque and choosing the wines. 

American chef Giada De Laurentiis says “we eat with our eyes first so the presentation has to be great.” When Audrey makes a meal your eyes are wide before you take the first bite.  

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