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Driedger Golf

This last weekend our sons took their Dad on a golf trip.  It was a gift he received from them last year for his 65th birthday. They visited three different courses in North Dakota known as The Triple Challenge.  

Our younger son drew this picture in elementary school for his Dad one Father’s Day.

Golf has always played a role in our family life.  When Dave and I got married he had summer employment at the John Blumberg Golf Course in Winnipeg and I bought him an old set of clubs at a garage sale so he could make use of the golf privileges that came as a perk with his job. When we moved to Steinbach a few years later Dave started golfing at the Fly In golf course there. He bought shares for himself and for each of our sons as soon as they were born. Dave participated in the mens’ league, golfed as often as he could, and served for a long time on the board of directors.  Our boys both had their first jobs at the golf course and worked there for many summers during their high school and university years. I started golfing in a ladies league in Steinbach and came to enjoy the game too. Since then Dave and I have golfed in many countries around the world, met interesting people and had good times with family and friends because of the game. 

Now that he is retired Dave golfs two or three times a week. Although neither of our sons has a great deal of time to play golf, busy as they are with their careers and families, they still enjoy the game, so it made for a perfect activity for the three Driedger males to do together.  

Golf is a sport that is definitely on the decline   but for our family it has been a good way to build relationships, get exercise and have fun together.

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First Par With First Visitors

golfing-with-the-sungsWe’ve already been golfing three times since we arrived in Arizona. There’s a nice little course nearby with great twilight rates. We’ve been golfing with our friends Tom and Sylvia who are the first guests we have welcomed to our rented home.

me-and-sylviaI wondered how my golf game would be since I don’t play very often, but I haven’t been doing too badly and today I got my first par after sinking a nice long putt on the eighth green so I was pretty happy about that.tom-cooks Tom and Sylvia are setting the bar pretty high as far as being guests goes since Tom is a professional cook and has been making all these amazing meals for us.  Last night it was pork and rice, panfried shrimp and Chinese vegetables. dinner-timeThe night before it was steak and lobster. Looking forward to seeing what will be on the menu tonight.  

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I Golf For the Scenery

On the long weekend we went golfing in Pinawa and Lac du Bonnet with our friends Rudy and Sue. I don’t keep score when I golf. I’m there for the visiting and the scenery. And some of the scenery on the Pinawa Golf and Country Club course and the Granite Hills Golf Course was gorgeous.

granite hills

pinawa golf course

lac du bonnet golf course

I also discovered this really cool sundial in Pinawa across from the hotel where we spent the night.  sun dial pinawaIt was designed in such a way that you could learn a lot about eastern Manitoba by walking all around it. 

golfing in Lac du BonnetDespite the fact our second round of golf ended abruptly after 12 holes because of non-stop rain I still had a great time enjoying the scenery and visiting with our friends. 

I golf for the scenery and the visiting. 

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I Did the Limbo on the Golf Course !

limboYes, that’s me doing the limbo on the seventh hole while my nephews hold the flag pole.mike During our visit to southern Ontario my nephew Michael organized a fun family golf tournament.the professionals I was the captain of the team I called The Professionals. I’d gone to a Thrift Store to find us all ties with a golf theme. stewart paynes

Our opponents were Paul’s Paynes and

the flying dragons

The Flying Dragons.

the kiss

Each team got points for the originality of the photos they took.  My nephew Tim came up with the ideas for most of our shots including some that were too X-rated for me to put on this blog. But this one of Tim kissing his partner Penny was my idea. Here are just a few of the photos that won our team first place in the photo category. golf shot on the  highway

golf shot in the tree

pool shot on golf green

golf tee in the mouth shot

riding the golf flag


After the golf round we headed over to Michael and his wife Stephanie’s house for a fabulous meal where we were joined by some more family members.ribs for supper

Michael had barbecued spicy ribs and everyone else had brought other parts of the meal. Soooooo good!

driedgers laughing

We laughed sooooooo hard looking at all the photos taken on the course. trophies

My great-nieces helped with the trophy presentations for the winning teams. trophies

Michael had even bought champagne to put in the trophies of the winners. the flying dragons win

My husband Dave’s team captained by our niece Hannah were the grand champions. marylou trophy

I did win a trophy however for best shot of the game. On the 12th hole I sank a 35 foot chip shot right into the hole. Honestly I think it is the best golf shot I’ve ever had!  My teammates were so happy for me and their congratulations and excitement made it a memorable moment indeed!

hannahMy niece Hannah is pregnant so Stephanie made her a special strawberry and milk drink for her toast since she couldn’t have the champagne.

johnMy brother-in-law John got a little carried away with his acceptance speech so we had to cut him off eventually.mike

Thanks Michael for organizing such a fun family time!

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