I’m Getting Crafty for Christmas!

christmas centre pieceHard to believe I know, but I actually made that Christmas centrepiece I’m holding. deb and meThree friends and I met at Oakridge Garden Centre in Steinbach on Saturday where Glenys and Debbie had arranged for us to take a class in making Christmas decorations from pine sheryl adrianwith the talented and terrific Sheryl Adrian. desserts oakridge nurseryFirst up cinnamon bun steamers and some decadent desserts to share in the Oakridge Cafe while we caught up on each other’s lives in an hour of non-stop talking thenmaking centerpieces at oakridge nursery we were ready to get started on our projects under Sheryl’s tutelage. Here’s how mine progressed.

making a centrepiece

Step two making a Christmas centrepiece

step three making a christmas centrepiece

step four making a christmas centrepiece

step five making a Christmas centerpiece

final step christmas centrepiece

Our Christmas decorations were each unique, just like we are.

deb christmas centrepiece


Esther's wreath

Yes Esther was a bit of a renegade and decided to make a wreath instead of a centrepiece. esther's wreathEsther was a little wild and crazy on Saturday and she didn’t even have that glass of Sangria till after we’d finished making the wreaths. esther photo bombHere she’s actually photobombing my picture of Glenys at work. final productsWe were all very happy with our final products and we still had time to do some Christmas shopping in the wonderful Oakridge gift shop. esther presentsAfter that, we were off to have supper and open gifts before exchanging our last 2014 hugs and wishing each other a Merry Christmas.  It was a great day and exactly what I needed in the midst of busy holiday preparations. 

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