A day of puzzling was on the agenda for the latest get- together with my special group of friends the T-4’s. It was a cold Saturday just perfect for staying inside and enjoying good food and a good visit. 

Important things came first- breakfast and catching up on what’s been happening in our lives. Esther takes her piping hot mini quiches out of the oven, just the right compliment for the fruit tray, yogurt and hazelnut coffee already on the counter.Esther had chosen the puzzle we tackled- The Wedding at Cana by the artist Veronese. It is on display in the Louvre in Paris although it was originally painted for a Benedictine monastery in Venice. It is a visual representation of the Biblical story in John 2: 1-11. 

Esther had done some research about the art work which she shared with us.  We learned Veronese finished the massive 20 foot by 32 foot painting in just 15 months in 1562-1563. It is full of colorful details. Jesus rather than the Cana bride and groom are the focal point of the canvas. 

We started our puzzling with the frame and had it finished in no time. The rest of the puzzle wasn’t quite so easy and the picture on the box needed frequent consultation. While we worked we talked about the role Mary played in Jesus’ life- what a good mother she was and how much confidence she had in her son at Cana. She had no doubt he could indeed perform a miracle. When we needed a break we took time out to look at these amazing scrapbooks that Debbie has been making about our T-4 adventures. Debbie works at a scrapbooking store and she chooses just the right backgrounds, artistic symbols, neat little envelopes for memorabilia and beautifully framed photos to tell the stories of all the things we’ve done together in the last couple years. Looking back at her exquisitely designed pages that catalogue our previous get-togethers and reminiscing about them, is always a pleasurable part of our monthly reunions. Glenys tackled the top section of the puzzle for quite a long time and then Debbie took over. The blue jigsaw pieces for the sky matched her soft blue wool sweater perfectly. We took another break while I showed slides of my visit to the church at Cana where the Biblical story that is the subject of the Versonese painting is said to have taken place. The day I was there an actual marriage ceremony was just over and we were part of the post-wedding festivities in the square outside the church prior to entering the building for our tour.  Before we puzzlers knew it the lunch hour had arrived and we enjoyed all kinds of veggies, nuts, pickles, olives, cheese, crackers and of course glasses of wine.Although we worked hard on the puzzle by the time four o’clock came around, and my husband who had made himself scarce for the day arrived at home, the puzzle was only about half done. 

Over chocolate hazelnut cream puffs and coffee we packed up the puzzle carefully for Esther to take home and finish. 

We picked a date for our Christmas T-4 event and said good-bye.  

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