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What’s Happening With Those T-4’s?

What’s happening with those T-4’s? I get asked that question sometimes by blog readers who have followed my adventures with a group of three friends. We have been meeting almost monthly for nearly a decade now and have visited art shows, gone mini-golfing, created art, read books, written poetry, gone to museums, walked labyrinths, solved mysteries and visited flea markets. We still get together regularly but in the last couple of years, we’ve found that just having an opportunity to talk and catch up on our lives is our top priority so our time together has been more low key and perhaps that’s why I haven’t written about us as often.

I think there are seasons in relationships and our group is in a season right now where various responsibilities and life events make it best to just find space and time to visit, share joys and concerns, and support one another.

The T-4s getting ready to share the complimentary piece of lemon meringue cake we received from the restaurant because we were celebrating my birthday

Our meeting on Saturday is a good example. We were at Pine Ridge Hollow. What a lovely venue and all decked out for Christmas! We were also celebrating my birthday because it had happened since our last meeting. I got such lovely thoughtful presents from the friends who know me oh so well. This card was made by my friend Debbie who highlights interests in my life in each square on its cover.  The four women in one square are the four of us.  Jane Fonda says that friendships with other women give us power, she calls them the ‘starch in our spine.’ She thinks those friendships are one of the reasons women live longer than men. I’ve read somewhere that women know instinctively how to nourish one another and just being together is restorative. I couldn’t agree more!

Friendships are constantly changing as are the ways we practice them. I am enjoying and appreciating this season in my friendship with three very special women. 

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Make New Friends But Keep the Old

I went along with my husband Dave yesterday to watch him play in a ball tournament in Steinbach.  I hadn’t really planned to go but Dave said the team was having a meal after the tournament at one of the player’s homes and partners were invited.  He said he’d really like me to come.  So I changed my plans and went along.  I was so glad I did. 

My friend Marge came to the tournament to watch her husband play ball too.  Dave and I have been friends with Marge and her husband Fran since 1976 when we were their neighbours in Landmark for a year. Marge and I hadn’t seen each other since January.  We had been in Europe for two months and they had been on a trip to Europe as well and so the first order of business was to catch up on our travel experiences. Then we moved on to talk about our children and grandchildren and siblings and friends and hobbies and volunteer work and books and a little bit of politics and church and our childhoods and summer plans and………….. suffice it to say our husbands’ expertise on the ball diamond did not garner our full attention. 

I love making new friends but there is something lovely about spending time with old friends who already know all about you and your past, someone with whom you have so many shared experiences. No matter how long you have been apart you can just pick up talking with one another and feel like the last time you were together was the day before. 

I learned a round song when I was a child that went………… Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold. 

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Leaving Hong Kong

This year many people we worked with and spent so much time with in Hong Kong are leaving the school where we all taught and are moving on to other adventures in different places around the world. Seeing all their “farewell to Hong Kong” photos on Facebook reminds me of our own farewell to the city we grew to love so much.

at the top of mount batur biking in bali

Dave biking with our friend Kathy. She and her family are moving back to the USA.

ics orange

Two of the guys on Dave’s Hong Kong basketball team are leaving Hong Kong this year, Steve is moving to Kenya and Bryan to Colorado. 

book club hong kong

Sue at far left was a member of our Hong Kong book club and is leaving Hong Kong this year after many decades living there. The only person who is still in Hong Kong from this photo of our book club is Meena on the far right. 

cat marylou jazz club

Our friends Cath and Jon are moving back to the United States 

burnetts and wilsons mid autumn

Celebrating the Mid Autumn festival with the Wilsons  who are leaving Hong Kong 

We wish all our friends well as they make the transistion to new living and working situations.

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Artists in Action

artists at work marylou debbieWouldn’t it be something if you could see a Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Monet, and Klimt painting all in one room?  Well on Monday you could have, if you had peeked in on the T-4s the group of women I get together with regularly for fun and friendship.  

glenys and her klimt

Glenys works on Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life

We met at my friend Glenys beautiful home to use the present she gave each of us for Christmas- an art kit called MasterKitz that would guide us through the making of a reproduction of a famous painting.  kandinsky profileEach kit came complete with a story about the artist’s life, a set of instructions and inspirations and every single thing you would need to complete your work of art.  

esther starry night

Esther works on Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Each of our pieces was very different and it was interesting to watch while some of us used oil pastels and others water colors or oil paints.  

debbies water lilies

Debbie works on Monet’s Water Lilies.

Some of the paintings required rollers, other sponges, and some brushes.    

marylou kandinsky

I worked on Wassily Kandinsky’s Black Lines.

One painting had stickers to adorn the work while I put the finishing touches on my artwork with carbon paper and a pencil. 

debbie's birthdayWe started off the afternoon with a celebration of our friend Debbie’s birthday and of course the art project moved along every so much more smoothly with the wine, fruit, cheeses and sweets Glenys had provided. 

esther's starry nightWe had a lovely time and we each went home with our masterpiece as well as enough supplies in our MasterKitz  to create another one if we wanted to.  

my kandinskyDue to my two months in Arizona I hadn’t seen the T-4s for quite some time so it was lovely to spend an afternoon catching up and being creative together. 

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An Arizona Trifecta

ray-and-nickyBreakfast with Ray and Nicky paul-and-shirleyGolfing with Paul and Shirleyhans-and-chrisSupper with Hans and Chrischris-and-marylou

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I Golf For the Scenery

On the long weekend we went golfing in Pinawa and Lac du Bonnet with our friends Rudy and Sue. I don’t keep score when I golf. I’m there for the visiting and the scenery. And some of the scenery on the Pinawa Golf and Country Club course and the Granite Hills Golf Course was gorgeous.

granite hills

pinawa golf course

lac du bonnet golf course

I also discovered this really cool sundial in Pinawa across from the hotel where we spent the night.  sun dial pinawaIt was designed in such a way that you could learn a lot about eastern Manitoba by walking all around it. 

golfing in Lac du BonnetDespite the fact our second round of golf ended abruptly after 12 holes because of non-stop rain I still had a great time enjoying the scenery and visiting with our friends. 

I golf for the scenery and the visiting. 

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Hiking Quail Trail

marylou hiking quail trailOn Monday I hiked a new trail here in Phoenix.  marlene and nickyNicky led Marlene and me on the hike which is near the home Nicky shares in Avondale with her husband Ray. quail trail The Quail Trail is in Estrella Mountain Regional Park. rock quail trailThere were some very unique rocks on the trail that I had never seen before here in Arizona. cactus quail trailI realized once again that cacti can grow anywhere. dead saguaro shaped like a scarecrowDead saguaros make interesting sculptures. This one looks like a scarecrow. flowers quail trailBecause of the recent rain we’ve had there were quite a few flowers blooming on the trail. city view quail trailWe saw city views from the trailwilderness view quail trailand beautiful wilderness views as well quail trail hikersAfter our hike we went back to Ray and Nicky’s house and met our husbands who had been out golfing. Nicky made us a wonderful supper of ribs, salad, corn, twice baked potatoes and apple crumb cake for dessert.  There was good wine and good conversation.  A great day! Other posts about friends……..

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I’m Getting Crafty for Christmas!

christmas centre pieceHard to believe I know, but I actually made that Christmas centrepiece I’m holding. deb and meThree friends and I met at Oakridge Garden Centre in Steinbach on Saturday where Glenys and Debbie had arranged for us to take a class in making Christmas decorations from pine sheryl adrianwith the talented and terrific Sheryl Adrian. desserts oakridge nurseryFirst up cinnamon bun steamers and some decadent desserts to share in the Oakridge Cafe while we caught up on each other’s lives in an hour of non-stop talking thenmaking centerpieces at oakridge nursery we were ready to get started on our projects under Sheryl’s tutelage. Here’s how mine progressed.

making a centrepiece

Step two making a Christmas centrepiece

step three making a christmas centrepiece

step four making a christmas centrepiece

step five making a Christmas centerpiece

final step christmas centrepiece

Our Christmas decorations were each unique, just like we are.

deb christmas centrepiece


Esther's wreath

Yes Esther was a bit of a renegade and decided to make a wreath instead of a centrepiece. esther's wreathEsther was a little wild and crazy on Saturday and she didn’t even have that glass of Sangria till after we’d finished making the wreaths. esther photo bombHere she’s actually photobombing my picture of Glenys at work. final productsWe were all very happy with our final products and we still had time to do some Christmas shopping in the wonderful Oakridge gift shop. esther presentsAfter that, we were off to have supper and open gifts before exchanging our last 2014 hugs and wishing each other a Merry Christmas.  It was a great day and exactly what I needed in the midst of busy holiday preparations. 

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The Best of Fall – Of Geese and Other Creatures

human rights museumLast week I spent a lovely fall afternoon with friends, chez sophiefirst at the restaurant Chez Sophie on the Provencher Bridgeat chez sophie having lunchT- 4's and checking out the river view dock fort whyteand then on a sun dappled stroll through Fort Whyte.  The current chilly temperatures make it hard to believe that it was so warm just a week ago. Canada geeseThe Canada geese had pretty much taken over Fort Whytecanada geeseThey were everywhere.
burrowing owlThe burrowing owls were fascinating to watch. burrowing owls fort whyteSo sad to realize they are on the brink of extinction on the Canadian prairies.prairie dogsThe prairie dogs entertained us for a long time with their antics.prairie dogsThey are such social animals and it’s fun to watch them interact with one another teasing and playing and fighting. prairie grasses fort whyte manitobaFort Whyte is the perfect place to connect with nature and enjoy the best of autumn. 

fall day fort whyteI’m glad I got to spend one of the last nice days of fall there with friends. 

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Visiting the Nikkels in Sarasota

We spent a couple days with our friends Rudy and Sue in the lovely condo they are renting on a golf course in Sarasota.  We went for breakfast at a cafe called Bonjour, where we had crepes and coffee. Then we went for a long walk along the beach.The sand was white and beautiful and the beach was wide. There were so many birds on the beach.  Dave tried to take a picture of me with these gulls. But the birds kept moving away a step for every step I got closer to them.  We hadn’t seen Rudy and Sue in quite awhile so our beach walk was a good time for catching up on what’s been going on in our lives.  We walked over to a pub in Rudy and Sue’s neighborhood for supper. We ended our stay with the Nikkels with eighteen holes of golf.

The trees on the course were heavy with Spanish moss.This resident of the golf course greeted us on one of the holes.

We said good-bye to the Nikkels and talked about getting together again in February when we return from Jamaica. As always they were wonderful hosts.  

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