Should the T-4’s Get Tattoos or Go Sky Diving?


Me with my three good friends Debbie, Glenys and Esther

The T-4’s are a group of my friends who get together to talk and have fun once a month or so.  For our most recent adventure we headed out to The Pink Ivy Tea House and Gardens just a half a kilometer off of Hwy #1 east about 50 kilometers from Winnipeg. pink ivy teahouseThe tea room is in a log cabin made from hand hewn Manitoba poplar.birch treesSurrounded by stands of birch and gardens pink ivy tea roomlovely gardens.interior of tea houseThe interior is as warm and inviting as the exterior window seat t-4sand our window table  view from windowgave us a lovely view out into the gardens. debbie and meWe caught up on each others lives over cups of French Press coffee. Debbie had been helping her daughter get ready for a move into an apartment and I’d been entertaining guests from India and Hong Kong. esther and glenysGlenys was getting ready for a family vacation at Clear Lake and told us about an interesting book set in Iceland she’s been reading.  Esther had been to visit her family in Alberta and gone on a trip to Banff and Jasper where she’d tried out the new steel and glass walkway built especially so tourists can get spectacular views of the scenery. Esther  had lots of photos to show us. get me another one robert munch and mike bold

Esther had a special gift for us. Her nephew Mike Boldt has illustrated the latest Robert Munsch book Get Me Another One. She had brought autographed copies for each of us. pink ivy menuWe couldn’t decide what to have from the menu so we agreed to order everything and share soup and tuna sandwichthe tuna sandwichsoup and cucumber sandwich and cucumber sandwichegg salad sandwichand the egg salad sandwich.  All the sandwiches came with soup and were beautifully presented. red velvet cake and banana carmal cheese cakefor dessert we shared banana caramel cheese cake, red velvet cakehazelnut chocolate moussehazelnut chocolate mousse andtriple layer berry cakeand triple layer berry cake. our friendly pink ivy hostessAfter saying good-bye to the friendly and gracious Pink Ivy hostess we headed down the highway to…..gepettos Gepettos a gift and woodworking shop with all kinds of interesting items for sale. ready for mini golfThe premises also featured a well manicured and beautifully maintained mini-golf course so we decided to play 18 holes. perfect day for golfIt was a perfect day. The blue sky was filled with puffy clouds and there was just enough of a breeze to keep us cool and mosquito free. mini golfDuring our game we discussed various options for future T-4 outings. Sky diving and hot air ballooning were mentioned as well as bungee jumping and getting tattoos. T-4'sI guess you’ll just have to wait till the next post about the T-4’s to find out what we do for our upcoming adventures.

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