He’s a Winner!


daves-a-winnerMy husband Dave won a $100 recently for being a volunteer.  The Manitoba Association of Retired Teachers did a survey to find out what kind of volunteer work its members were doing.  As an incentive to fill out the survey participants’ names were entered in a draw for a $100 reward.  

kit magazineMy husband Dave filled out the survey, sent it in, and lo and behold he got a phone call a few weeks later saying he had been one of the lucky winners.  When they called to tell him about his prize they asked him to provide a few more details about one of his most recent volunteer assignments.  He told them about his work as a tutor in an after school program in Jamaica last winter.   

why be a volunteerDave is no exception among Manitoba’s retired teachers. The survey found that 82% of the province’s retired educators had been involved in some kind of volunteer work within the last year. The majority were volunteering about 500 hours a year. More than 50% of those surveyed still worked with children or young people as volunteers. 

I was pleased to learn that most teachers continue to serve their communities in some way even when they are no longer getting paid to do so.  

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