Athena- Finding Greek and Roman Gods in Winnipeg

Athena is a leadership group for Manitoba women based in Winnipeg. Through mentorship, networking and philanthropy they provide women with personal and professional development and an opportunity to network, share expertise and enhance leadership skills.  A look at their website reveals a long list of influential Manitoba leaders who have acted as mentors for the group.

One of the group’s projects is Dress for Success an annual drive to collect gently used women’s professional clothing for women re-entering the work force who may not be able to afford the proper business attire for job training and interviews.

They give an annual leadership scholarship to a deserving young Manitoba woman.  This year’s winner was Acqueline Masvikeni a science student at the University of Manitoba who wants to become a doctor and has volunteered for many humanitarian organizations.

Athena also sponsors an annual group build for Habitat for Humanity.

Although there is no information on the Athena website as to why the group chose to share a name with the Greek god Athena I’m guessing it could be because Athena was known as a wise, strong and courageous woman, the inventor of nearly every kind of work in which women are employed, and a defender of law and justice.

This post is the second in a series inspired by the current Olympus exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in which I look for cultural connections to Greek and Roman gods in Winnipeg.

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Thanks Dr. Scholl


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