A Photograph in The Mennonite

church mennonite heritage village museumA photograph I took of the church at the Mennonite Heritage Village Museum in Steinbach last summer illustrates a feature piece called Mennonite Me in the current issue of The Canadian Mennonite.  Robin Fast, in an article subtitled ‘an atheist comes home’,  writes about trying to fit into his family and the larger community of Mennonites even though he has rejected the beliefs that are such an integral part of that community.  

Barb Draper an editorial assistant for The Canadian Mennonite contacted me and said the simplicity of the church in my photo, which she had found on my blog, would fit perfectly with Robin’s article. I was happy to give them permission to use it.  

I think Robin’s piece reflects the feelings of many people who may no longer adhere to the Mennonite faith but who find parts of it still influencing their lives in more ways than they might have imagined. One’s Mennonite heritage is, as Robin puts it, “mixed into my marrow, not embraced by me but embracing me from the inside out.”

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