New Games

I’ve learned to play three new games. Our son and his wife had given us a gift certificate at Christmas for an evening at Across the Board a new games cafe here in Winnipeg, so plans were made to ‘cash in’ our certificate last Friday. After a delicious supper we tried our hand at three games I’d never played before. They have over 700 games filling the shelves along the wall at Across the Board and if you pay $5.00 you can play all evening.  The first game we played was Settlers of Catan. It was interesting but there is lots of stuff to remember and it involves a fair bit of strategy and planning ahead. After playing it just once I learned many things I’d do differently if I played it a second time. Another game we tried was Lucky Numbers. It wasn’t hard but fun and would make a great family game for people with elementary school aged children. The third game Strike was my favorite. I’ll admit that could be because I won three of the four matches. Each player has seven dice which are thrown into a pit. You can choose  how many dice to roll at time. There is strategy, skill and luck involved. I will definitely buy Strike for us to play at home. We had a good time at Across the Board.  The place was full and busy on Friday night. I’m sure we will be going back again. 

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