A Life That Adds Up To Something

sagrada familia years of jesus lifeI noticed a numbered square high up and just to the left of the entrance door to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona when I visited the great cathedral.  The façade on one side of the church designed by the Spanish architect Gaudi tells the story of the passion and resurrection of Jesus in a series of life-size sculptures.

Judas kissing Jesus- Sagrada Familia

Judas kissing Jesus- Sagrada Familia

Right beside a statue of Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss is a huge square with four rows of numbers. If you add the numbers up horizontally, vertically and diagonally they will equal 33, the number of years Jesus lived on earth.

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral - Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral Barcelona

Jesus spent his short life healing people emotionally and physically. He told inspiring and engaging stories about the value of caring for others, sharing personal wealth and using our talents wisely. He gathered around him a close circle of friends. He sought out those who were struggling to find a purpose in life and gave them a sense of direction and hope. He went out of his way to spend time with people who had been rejected by society and made them feel like they had worth and value.

Jesus on the Cross- Sagrada Familia

Jesus on the Cross- Sagrada Familia

He encouraged people to save themselves from a meaningless earthly existence by dedicating themselves to the building of a better world. He loved everyone, even his enemies.

Anyway you add up Jesus’ life it was one worthy of  emulation. Most of us are given much more than 33 years on this earth. Jesus’ example challenges us to make the building blocks of our lives add up to something worthwhile.

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Neechi Commons- Come For Lunch

neechi commonsI often go for lunch at Neechi Commons on Main Street. An Aboriginal owned and operated cooperative it serves delicious food.  Read all about Neechi Commons on my Destination Winnipeg site. 

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Larry’s Party

larry verstraeteSunday was an exciting day for me and the other children’s authors who are part of Vast Imaginations.  One of our members Larry Verstraete launched his new book Life or Death at McNally Robinson Booksellers. Read all about it on the Vast Imaginations blog

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Lemon Meringue Teacakes

lemon meringune tea cakes“They aren’t half bad.” That was my husband’s verdict when I made these lemon meringue tea cakes. I know some of you have been wondering where recipe #2 has been staying.  I had resolved to try to improve my culinary skills by cooking or baking something new each week and posting the results here.  lasagna soupI made a lasagna soup a couple of weeks ago but  I hadn’t got around to trying recipe #2. It wasn’t till last night when our friends Fran and Marge were over for supper that I served these lemon meringue teacakes, made from another recipe gleaned from  my sister-in-law Linda’s Facebook page. Here’s how to make them.lemon cake  mixTake a lemon cake mix and add……

cool whip

8 oz. Cool Whip and  one egg white. 

mix the dough

Mix things with together with your fingers. The dough  will be sticky. tea cakes

Divide the dough among 12 muffin tins sprayed with cooking spray and dusted with a little flour.tea cakesBake at 350 for ten minutes and let cool. jelloMake some lemon pudding according to the package directions.  Grate in some lemon peel. 

lemon tea cakesSpoon the pudding on top of the cooled dessert bases you have baked. 

Make meringue by beating eggs whites and adding sugar and some more lemon peel.  Spoon merigune onto each little cake.  meriguneBake in a 425 degree oven for just a couple minutes till meringue is nicely browned. 

lemon meringune tea cakes


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Lights, Camera, Action!

movie set downtown winnipeg

Saturday morning while we had our breakfast at the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe we watched out the window as movie crews set up for filming on Arthur Street. Read all about it on my Destination Winnipeg blog. 

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Creating Community

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Recently on his blog Storyline,  writer Donald Miller did a post about why he doesn’t attend church very often.  He received quite a backlash from his readers who thought that someone who has written a dozen books about religious faith, as Miller has, should attend church regularly.  Readers gave Miller all kinds of reasons why he should go to church and in a second blog he responded to those challenges.

grace mennonite churchOne common theme in the responses was that church attendance was important because it provides people of faith with community. Miller replied to that concern by saying that even though he doesn’t go to church he does have community. ” I worked to create my community,” he said. ” Community is everywhere, and every church you’ve attended was a community that somebody sat down and created…….. Millions of people who do not attend church have rich, meaningful communities that they created or have joined. You could create your own community out of your home in a matter of months.”

small grp 07That thought resonated with me. I remember when we moved to Hong Kong leaving behind our communities of friends, family, church, colleagues, sports teams and civic  organizations in Steinbach. It was a little scary. But Miller is right!  You can create your own community wherever you go.  hong kong farewellBy the end of our six years in Hong Kong we had built a community of people in our lives who provided social, spiritual and professional support. It was a rich and meaningful community just as our community of people in Steinbach had been. Of course it was different to be part of a community of people we had only known for a short while rather than ones we had known for thirty years as was the case with the people we left behind in Canada.  But I came to realize that both long established communities and new ones have their own blessings and strengths. 

We all need community. Some people find it at church. Some people find it in other places. But whether or not we have a community is largely up to us.  

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What Would You Do?

I’m in a convenience store. A fifteen year old is buying cigarettes at the counter. I don’t know him really well, but I recognize him and I’m acquainted with his parents. Should I walk over and tell the clerk it’s illegal to sell the young man tobacco? Should I go up to the teenager and ask him to return the package to the cashier? Should I phone the boy’s parents? What would you do?

What_Would_You_Do_logoI’m in a Winnipeg grocery store around 9:30 one night. I’m standing in line to pay for my stuff. My husband is in the car outside. We’re already late for a concert. The place is busy and I end up waiting about 10 minutes. At one point I look down and see a five dollar bill on the floor. I tap the shoulder of the fellow ahead of me, point to the money and ask if it’s his. He thanks me and picks up the cash. A few minutes later a disheveled old man wearing ripped sweat pants, a stained T-shirt and runners with holes in them, comes walking by muttering to himself. “Where is it?” He’s got his eyes on the ground and he’s anxiously counting the bills in his money clip. It’s pretty clear he has lost the five dollars. I know the guy ahead of me sees him too, because he looks at the old fellow, then down at the five dollar bill he’s still holding in his hand, and grins at the girl standing with him.

             Should I ask the man ahead of me if the money is really his? Should I point out that the right thing to do would be to ask the old gentleman if he’s lost five dollars? But maybe the guy ahead of me will get mad because I’m accusing him of dishonesty. Should I leave my place in the long line and go up to the old man and give him five dollars from my wallet ? What would you do?

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