The Canadian Human Rights Museum- A Work Still in Progress

October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

The new Canadian Human Rights Museum is just a few blocks from my home. I was going through old photos and realized that after we moved to Winnipeg in 2011, I had taken pictures of the Human Rights Museum a number of times as it was being built. It was interesting to see the progress. 

June 21, 2012

June 21, 2012

I have yet to visit the museum, since I would like to wait till the exhibits are all complete, something they are predicting for mid November. Plenty of controversy has surrounded the building of the museum and continues to do so with the recent announcement the chief executive officer of the museum has been asked to leave.  It appears the museum is still a work in progress.

July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014

There is no question however that the building which houses the museum is a piece of iconic architecture which adds something very unique to the Winnipeg skyline.

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Remembering Rudy York

dave and dad computer“Who was Rudy York?” My husband Dave asked his Dad that question on our recent visit to Ontario. Dad, who is 93, lives in the Leamington Mennonite Nursing Home. Sometimes Dad struggles to remember people and events in the present, but his memories of the past are vivid.

Dad with his ball team. Dad is the last player on the left in the back row.

Dad with his ball team. Dad is the last player on the left in the back row.

Dad has always been a fan of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. An avid ball player himself, he treated his five sons to a trip across the border every summer to Detroit to watch a Tigers’ game.

Scan 28It was a ritual he carried on with his grandchildren as well. Our sons attended Tiger games with their Opa too.

   detroit tigers capOne afternoon during our recent visit Dave walked into Dad’s room at the nursing home wearing a new Detroit Tigers cap. Dad commented on Dave’s purchase and he and Dave began talking about their beloved ball team. Dad, who no longer watches television, knew nothing about the Tigers’ performance in the 2014 season but when Dave asked, “Dad who was your favorite Tigers’ player of all time?” Dad thought about it for a minute and answered, “Rudy York.”

“Who was Rudy York?” Dave wondered aloud. Dave is a baseball aficionado and a true Tigers’ fan so he thought he knew about all their star players past and present. He’d never heard of Rudy York. Despite Dave’s skepticism Dad insisted Rudy had been a great Tigers’ player. Dad talked about York’s hitting power. He had played catcher and first base.

That night we were at our nephew’s house and I mentioned the Rudy York conversation with Dad. Our nephew whipped out his phone and did a quick search. Sure enough! Rudy York had been a Tiger from 1937-1945. Dad would have been in his late teens and early twenties when Rudy was playing in Detroit.    

rudy york newsweek magazine cover I was curious and did some research. I discovered Rudy York’s photo had been on the cover of Newsweek magazine with the headline “Greatest Slugger Since Babe Ruth.” In August of 1937, during his first month as a major league player, York broke Babe Ruth’s record for the most home runs in a month. He hit eighteen home runs and was responsible for forty four RBIs.

Rudy York

Rudy York

A Washington Post sports writer described the achievement poetically. “The booming bat of 24-year-old Rudy York, Detroit’s late entry into the home run race, spoke in tones heard around the baseball world this afternoon as one of Babe Ruth’s proudest and supposedly invincible records went crashing into discard.”

The men in the conscientious objectors camp in Montreal River

The men in the conscientious objectors camp in Montreal River

 During some of the time Rudy was playing for the Tigers, Dad was working in a lumber camp for conscientious objectors in Montreal River, in northern Ontario. baseball line up conscientious objector camp montreal riverI know Dad played on a ball team in the camp, since he has recorded the names and positions of all the players in an old autograph book.

In the lumber camp bunk house. Dad's on the far left.

In the lumber camp bunk house. Dad’s on the far left.

Were he and his fellow lumberjacks able to get newspapers to keep up to date on Rudy’s baseball exploits?

Dad was a handsome teenager

Dad was a handsome teenager

In 1937 when Rudy York broke Babe Ruth’s homerun record Dad was sixteen and living with his family on Pelee Island in Lake Erie. Stories I found online about other Mennonite families living on the island at the time include the mention of baseball games played at school and in the community. Did Dad and his friends listen to the radio to follow Rudy’s career?

Rudy York

Rudy York

Finding out that Dad had been absolutely right about Rudy York being a noted baseball player was somehow comforting to me. Even though Dad isn’t always familiar with the present when we visit him, he is still teaching us interesting things about the past.

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October Inspiration

Park Bench - Photo taken in Steve Juba Park October 2012

Park Bench – photo taken on a bike ride through Steve Juba Park October 2012

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn’t it?”  

Anne in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables

Oak leaf taken on a walk in Saskatoon - October 2013

Oak Leaf -photo taken on a walk in Saskatoon – October 2013

Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree…
~Emily Brontë

Prairie grasses on the bank of the Red River near my home taken in October 2012

Prairie Grasses- photo taken on a walk along the river near my home in October 2012

Autumn is the hush before winter. ~French Proverb

Prairie in Herschel Saskatchewan November 2013

Prairie- photo taken on a hike in Herschel Saskatchewan October 2013

O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow,
Make the day seem to us less brief…
Retard the sun with gentle mist;
Enchant the land with amethyst…
~Robert Frost

Red Leaf on Sidewalk-Photo taken on a walk in Saskatoon October 2013

Red Leaf on Sidewalk-photo taken on a walk in Saskatoon October 2013

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

Squash at a street market in Toronto September 2013

Squash- photo taken on a bike ride in Toronto October 2013

To everything there is a season- Ecclesiastes 3:1

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Skin Color

whitening creamI was quite surprised when I first moved to Hong Kong to see all the whitening creams sold. People bought them to whiten their skin. Seemed ironic. In North America people visited tanning salons to darken their skin or used creams and sprays that made them look like they had a tan, while in Asia they used whitening cream to lighten their skin.

200395418-001For some folks tanned skin implies you are rich enough to have leisure time to lie in the sun or go on warm holidays. While for others having lighter skin means your family is rich enough that you don’t have to work outside on the farm or in the field. I saw whitening cream for sale in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. One writer said whitening cream advertisements are encouraging a whole generation of Asians to grow up insecure about the color of their skin.  

Photo- National Geographic

Photo- National Geographic

A young woman who was one of my journalism students in Hong Kong wrote an editorial for our school newspaper about whitening cream. She said, “Why is having darker skin such a problem? Humankind is extremely diverse, with skin colors ranging from very dark to very light, but face-whitening makes having darker colored skin seem undesirable or not as attractive as having lighter colored skin. It all comes down to having a positive self-image and being satisfied with the body you were given when you entered the world. Diversity is the best thing. If you’ve got freckles, wear them with pride. If you’re naturally fair, well good for you and if God gave you darker skin, it’s absolutely beautiful. Who needs whitening cream?”

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Half Done Planking

Linda and me on a hike in Arizona

Linda, my sister-in-law is the plank challenge organizer. Here we are on a hike together in Arizona two years ago. 

Dave and I are half way through the thirty-day planking challenge that my sister-in-law Linda organized and keeps track of on her Facebook page . Yesterday we did two minutes of planking. It was pretty hard I have to tell you.marylou and dave at the forksI’m glad Dave is planking with me. It’s so easy for him and wanting to keep up with him and pretend it’s just as easy for me as it is for him is good motivation.

My brother, the yoga expert

My brother, the yoga expert

I talked to my brother the other night. He’s a long time yoga practitioner and he gave me a few helpful planking tips. I need to use my mind to transfer my weight to different parts of my body thus spreading out the pressure and stress.  The placement of my arms can also ease the challenge. 

PLANKholdI looked up some advice online and they suggested distracting yourself with music or an audio book. They also suggested having your feet wider apart and spreading  your fingers apart for balance. Another tip is to breathe deeply and not look at the clock.  Eventually we are going to be planking 5 minutes. I can’t believe I’ll actually do that but we’ll see. 

plank-exerciseI’ve heard from some of my blog readers that they are planking right along with me. Good luck to you!

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Birthdays Past

birthdaysRecently I went through a stack of family pictures I got from my Dad and found all these photos of my birthday celebrations when I was a little girl.  birthdaysMy Mom was the one who made these occasions memorable, birthdays complete with a cake she had baked, gifts, friends, decorations, party games, a new dress she’d made me and birthday meals.  birthdays I realize how blessed I was to have a mother who went to so much work to make me feel special and loved.  It is just one more thing that makes me miss her.  Thanks Mom. birthdays




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A Blog? Does It Matter?

Originally posted on Vast Imaginations:

carrie snyder thin air festivalI heard author Carrie Snyder talking about her book The Juliet Stories at the Thin Air Writers’ Festival in Winnipeg a number of years ago.  The woman who introduced Carrie mentioned Carrie’s blog called Obscure Can Lit Mama.  The name intrigued me and so I jotted it down and looked it up when I got home.  After reading a few posts I was hooked.  

Photo of Carrie Snyder - The Toronto Globe and Mail

Photo of Carrie Snyder – The Toronto Globe and Mail

Carrie is an excellent writer. She is passionate about long distance running, has four children (three with the most adorable curly red hair) teaches creative writing at a university and reads voraciously. It is always interesting to check in on her and find out what she’s been doing and thinking.  Her four children are heavily involved in sports and music and a myriad of other things and reading about how Carrie keeps all…

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