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The T4s Welcome Spring

t-4 assiniboine park pondIt had been almost three months since the group of friends I meet with regularly had been together.  I was in Arizona and others had also traveled and been busy with work, planning weddings and all kinds of other interesting things. Luckily we had to wait for a table at the restaurant in Assiniboine Park so we could ….leo mol sculpture garden go for a walk through the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden catching upand we had time to sit on the sunny patio near the duck pond and catch up on our lives in the warm sunshine.  waitress at Qualico Centre assiniboine parkOnce in the restaurant we met our waitress Lorraine who was just a hoot!  She convinced us all to order her special very spicy Caesars. Very spicy is how I’d describe Lorraine too, full of fun and adventure, happy and life affirming. “I could just tell this group was special,” she said as she related details about her latest kayaking trip. lunch at Qualico centreWe had a long leisurely lunch.  The restaurant had been packed when we arrived but as we talked and talked and talked the crowd thinned and even the lively Lorraine left, pulling out her pony tail and shaking her lovely white hair free, as she exited into the spring air. park conservatoryIt was late in the afternoon before we finally paid our bill at the restaurant and headed over to the park conservatory. daffodilsThe place was all decked out for Easter and in one room the fragrance of the flowers washed over you as soon as you entered. It was heady!visiting in the park conservatorySuch a perfect place for visiting. We only left when the security guard came around to tell us the conservatory was closing. chairs at la cuisineBut our day wasn’t over yet.  We drove over to La Cuisson on Corydon a new cafe featuring British and French pastries, teas and coffees. smelling teasThe waitress brought samples of all different kinds of teas and coffees to smell.  What to choose?making siphon coffee at la cuisineI couldn’t resist the Sleigh Ride tea ( it just smelled so good) but the others had coffee and we were invited to watch while coffee master Hui Li created special hand crafted cups of coffee using the syphon method. It’s a unique technique Hui Li has been studying for two years. dessert choicesWe finally settled on which desserts to order. The talented young pastry chef who made them was there to serve our beautifully presented plates. We all took bites of each others before enjoying our own selections.la cuissonWe were sitting in the cozy coffee table space at the back of La Cuisson  and so we had our own private spot to carry on with our conversation, till someone looked at their watch.  It was nearly 7:30!  Time to think about going home and to select a date for our next get together. It had been a great day.t4s in the parkWelcoming spring in with friends. What could be better? 

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