I like the freedom of it, constructing my days as I like, an extra cup of coffee in the morning, an extra glass of wine in the evening

Exploring new ideas and places, the delight of a grandchild’s love, stretching my comfort zone, reading books in stacks, time to create and think and write and volunteer

No longer at an employer’s beck and call, I can defy convention, have opinions of my own, spend time with those I like, do things my way 

More cavalier about my appearance, less attached to stuff, less cleaning, long walks

The twinge in my knees, knowing my mother only as a memory, thinking more about my childhood, a friend’s dementia diagnosis

Lost keys, a missed appointment, the forgotten name of a former student

Repeating stories, mourning lost ideals, screens bombarding me with Twitter and Facebook and What’s App and Instagram

Like the screen on the heart monitor erratic and then slowing to a flatline. 

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