Too Nervous To Really Write

I should have written this blog post yesterday but I was busy working at the art gallery all day, then picked up my granddaughter from her daycare and had loads of fun playing with her for a few hours before sharing supper with her family.

Virtual interview on CTV in 2021 about my first novel

I spent the rest of my evening preparing for my interview on CTV this morning about my novel Sixties Girl. I’m pretty nervous about it because I know from the one I did about my last book Lost on the Prairie that they can ask you all kinds of questions that aren’t on the ‘prep’ sheet your marketing manager submitted. And this one is in person which seems far more daunting somehow than the one I did for my first book which was virtual.

I was heartened yesterday to hear that for the second week in a row, Sixties Girl has made the bestseller list at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

And yesterday I sent out my monthly author newsletter with lots of good news about the novel. You can read it here.

I know I’m going to have a great afternoon because Thursday is the day of my Art To Inspire class at the Winnipeg Art Gallery which I ABSOLUTELY love teaching. I will write another blog post about that in the future.

My writing group at our Christmas party at my house in December

And I know I’m going to have a great evening because my writers’ group The Anita’s is meeting and they never fail to inspire and encourage me.

I hope to see some of my blog readers at my launch tomorrow at McNally Robinson Booksellers at 7 pm.

Right now I’m too nervous to write a real blog post so this will have to do.


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2 responses to “Too Nervous To Really Write

  1. *hugs* You’re doing great!


  2. gabegstone

    can’t wait for your launch!


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