Three Actions For A Good Life

I once heard a speaker talk about three actions for a good life.

  1. Create beauty
  2. Build Relationships
  3. Show Compassion

I think my parents and my husband’s parents were good examples of those actions.

Create Beauty

My mother-in-law Anne making a quilt.

My parents with the flower beds around their home.

Build Relationships

My parents-in-law with their family. 

My Mom with her life long friend Millie. 

3. Show compassion

Dave’s parents (on the right) who served as pastors in a church congregation for decades helping many people at crucial times in their lives

My Dad examining patients in Haiti where he worked for an aid agency

Create beauty. Build relationships. Show compassion.   Three good guidelines to chart our course in life. Thanks to our parents for showing us the way. 

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2 responses to “Three Actions For A Good Life

  1. Aunt Marion

    Many familiar pictures. Thanks for sharing. Aunt Marion


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