Good-Bye Dad

dad- Cornelius DriedgerMy father -in-law Cornelius Driedger passed away Monday morning June 6, 2016.  mom and dad wedding dayDad was born in 1921 and turned 95 this past February.  He lived a long and good life investing much time and hard work in his three careers, first as a farmer, then as a pastor of a large church and finally as a chaplain in a senior’s home.  He and my mother-in-law Anne had been married for nearly seventy years when Mom passed away in 2011. dad at birthday partyIn his family life I think the role he enjoyed the most was as a grandfather. He took such delight in his ten grandchildren.25th anniversaryDad provided for his family during some very difficult times and his dedication to his faith was exemplary. 50th anniversaryHe will be missed both by his family and the many people whose lives he touched through his ministry. 

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2 responses to “Good-Bye Dad

  1. gabe

    May your family find comfort in each other, your memories and your faith. Thinking of you.


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