A Perfect Last Day in Utah

lunch at coyote gulch art villageSangria loaded with fruit, a frosty beer, perfectly grilled brussels sprouts with mango chutney, super spicy hummus, fresh veggies and piping hot pita triangles. Those items created the best food experience we had during our time in Utah.  We enjoyed it on a sunny patio in the Xetava Gardens Restaurant in the Coyote Gulch Art Village just a few miles from St. George, Utah. 

view of our air b and b in veyo

Our lodging just outside the community of Veyo, Utah

I had really hoped we could go to Bryce Canyon our last day in Utah but it was a six-hour round trip from our unique rented casita high in the hills and we figured that was too much driving  just before we began a long seventeen hour plane journey back to Winnipeg. 

free spirit georgia johnson

Free Spirit by Georgia Johnson

So……….we had a more laid back day in and around St. George and it turned out to be lovely.  After a good breakfast at a restaurant called The Egg and I Dave spent the morning clothes shopping while I explored some of the unique public art in downtown St. George and popped into the local art gallery.  

giant spider by deverin farley

Giant Spider by Deverin Farley

flight time gary lee price

Flight Time by Gary Lee Price

opening 1 by christopher thomson

Opening 1 by Christopher Thomson

Then we were off to explore the Coyote Gulch Art Village in Ivins.  coyote gulch art villageWe strolled through all the shops looking at the work of local artists and enjoying some of the unique outdoor pieces as well.

aimee bonham

Artist Aimee Bonham has created a chalk drawing that makes it look like you are standing on top of a giant rock arch

wind sculptures coyote art village

Dave sits among a collection of wind sculptures by Lyman Whitaker

Then we sat in the sun savoring our delicious lunch for a long while.  It turned out to be one of our nicest days in Utah weather wise. During our ten days in Utah the weather was sometimes warmer in Winnipeg than it was there. 

sign jenny's canyonWe headed next for a leisurely drive through Snow Canyon State Park and stopped to hike the Jenny’s Canyon Trail.  hiking jenny's cayon utah

dave heads into a long narrow cave on the jenny canyon trail

The trail had this long narrow cave you could walk back into

It was so beautiful and we were all alone on the trail. It was incredibly quiet and peaceful and the scenery was spectacular.  

dave at the end of the rock tunnel jenny canyon

Dave at the very back of the rock tunnel

The day before we had hiked at Zion National Park.  Although it is an amazing natural wonder the paths and rest areas and parking lots were jam-packed with people and that made for a very different experience. 

high in jenny canyon

The climb down from Jenny’s Canyon was a little steep so I took my time. Dave of course jogged down and took this picture of me way up top.

The Jenny’s Canyon Trail was just perfect!jenny's canyon

Then we headed home again to our little casita where we drank wine, ate chocolate and watched a compelling if not slightly sad and macabre film on Netflix called The Kindergarten Teacher in which Maggie Gyllenhaal gives a stunning performance. 

We had a lovely last day in Utah. 

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  1. Life in Utah really is, as they say, life elevated

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