Desert Walk

red hills desert gardenOne morning our group of Utah women adventurers decided to do a trek through The Red Hills Desert Garden.

cactus designThe garden is beautifully designed and we enjoyed discovering some new species like…indian fig cactus the Indian fig cactus blackfoot daisyand the Blackfoot Daisyjoshua tree loriMy friend Lori had learned about the Joshua Tree on her recent visit to Arizona so she shared her knowledge with the rest of us.

marge crosses the brook

My friend Marge crosses the stream in the garden. We spotted two pairs of mallards swimming in the stream although we couldn’t spot any fish.

It rained for a bit during our walk but we didn’t let that deter us. rainblow desert gardenAnd we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbowdino tracks in the desert gardenOne of the knowledgeable garden employees helped us find the dinosaur footprints the park is famous for.  learning about dino tracksThey think the kind of dinosaur that made these prints might be a Dilophosaurus. tracks of the dinoWe posed with some of the dinosaur prints.

desert reserveOur helpful guide suggested we head off on a walk through the Red Cliff Desert Reserve adjacent to the garden.  He thought we might spot a tortoise.  

rock formation

Doesn’t that rock Marge is looking at resemble a turtle’s shell?

We didn’t see a tortoise but we did spot a rabbit and some very interesting rock formations.  desert flowerWe also saw beautiful flowers blooming in the desert. 

walking in the desert reserveWe could have stayed longer but it was soon time to head out to the ball diamond to cheer for our husbands in their next game.  We’d had a great morning in the Desert Garden and Desert Reserve. 

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