Autumn’s Beauty on the Black Sand Beaches of Iceland

Dave and I spent part of a morning walking the Black Sand Beach near Vik in Iceland.  

The waves on the ocean were huge, like giant icy mountains.  The angry waves made it easy to understand why there are monuments at different places along the beach that honor sailors who have died on the shores of Iceland, like this one where Dave is sitting. The wind was crazy and it took away a lens cover that this photographer was using.  Dave went running after the lens cap chasing it for a long way up the beach. The giant waves left trails of foam along the shore that painted a kind of artwork in the black sand. 
Some of the foam caught on stones and the sunlight made the bubbles in the foam look like jewels.

I thought this bit of foam caught on a rock looked a bit like the outline of Iceland. We are here  in what they call ‘shoulder season’ right at the very end of the best weather in Iceland.  But there is a haunting beauty to grassesand fungi that show their color in fall.

The waves on the Black Sand Beach had also washed this lone feather up onto a rock. 

On the black sand beach are these three basalt columns called the Reynisdrangar. Legend says the rocks are really three trolls caught out too late at night and frozen by the early morning sunlight. Iceland is a place of spectacular beauty in the fall and the Black Sand Beach shows off that beauty at its best. 

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2 responses to “Autumn’s Beauty on the Black Sand Beaches of Iceland

  1. Marie

    Love ❤️ your post. This is on our bucket list.


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