Beauty on the Beach

beach-hikeLast Sunday we went for a 6.5 mile beach hike.  dave-on-the-beachThe beaches in this part of Costa Rica are quite secluded and all along our way we met only a few Costa Rican families out for an afternoon by the ocean. dave marylou costa rica  beachHiking was hard work, especially on the return trip walking on wet sand that slanted towards the sea. I was getting blisters from my sandals so I just took them off.  It was 91 degrees but there was a nice breeze that made the walk more pleasant. I sang songs, recited poetry and counted the steps between the beach’s 1/4 kilometre markers.  Eventually I decided to distract myself from the length of the trek back home by taking photos of things of beauty that captured my eye on the walk. Here they are!

horn shells costa rica


waves on rocks costa rica


pink shell costa rica


trees against the sky costa rica


shell costa rica


blue bird playa grande costa rica


crab shell costa rica


giant leeches or snails cost rica


whirly shell costa rica


dave costa rica tree beach


shell costa rica 2




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