A Serendipitous Sail

chillin out on the prowThe second day of our  Florida Keys trip with Rudy and Sue Nikkel we decided to visit Marathon.  Our mutual friends Ed and Millie Hildebrand had spent several weeks working on a sailing vessel that was moored at a marina in Marathon. Having heard about the Hildebrand’s adventures we thought we’d like to check out the boat they had sailed on called the Geni Green.welcome aboard the geni green

As  you can see Jay, the captain of the boat gave us an excited and warm welcome when we walked up to his slip on the dock.  “Any friend of Ed and Millie’s is a friend of mine,” he said. captain florida keysJay was just about to set out on a three and a half hour sail with three clients and said spontaneously, “Why don’t you join us?”  Our arrival was serendipitous. If we’d arrived a moment later the boat would have already left the dock. If we’d arrived a bit earlier we might have had too much time to think about whether we wanted to change our plans for the day and leave for the sail. Luckily we arrived at just the right moment and  hopped aboard.  What a good decision!

rudy and sueIt was a beautiful day for a sail and we thoroughly enjoyed our time out on the water.  jay and sue and me

Jay seemed delighted to have extra guests and insisted on having his picture taken with Sue and me.  ” I love having more women on board,” he said. 

the sail and the sky
dave sailing

dave getting wet on the prow

dave and me on the boat

sue helps with the sails

looking out from the prow



thanking  jay

Before leaving we shook Jay’s hand and thanked him for a great day out on the ocean.

Jay the captain made us all do the wave while he took a series of photos as a souvenir of our voyage together

Jay the captain made us all do the wave while he took a series of photos as a souvenir of our voyage together. The three  other passengers were so gracious and welcoming to the four of us who were such spontaneous last-minute additions to their sailing crew. 

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