Jamaican Introductions

Let me introduce you to some of the people and places and things we encountered on our first couple days here in Runaway Bay Jamaica.  Here’s Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast where we will be staying for the next month. It’s at the end of a windy and very bumpy road filled with potholes and ruts.Meet our host Tony Beach.  A retired engineer from Winnipeg, Tony was born in Jamaica and came to Winnipeg as a young man to study at Red River Community College.   Here’s Mildred Beach. A retired social worker and counsellor from Winnipeg who together with her husband Tony built Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast as a retirement home and started the Runaway Bay Resource Centre where Dave and I will be volunteering in the after school tutoring  program during our stay.  Meet Violet the cook at Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast.  Violet is shelling gungo peas/beans which she will serve with our rice for supper. Check out the balcony outside our second floor bedroom.Check out the view down from the balcony into our front yard.  Meet Rita our neighbour who showed us the coffee beans, bananas, plantains, jack fruits and sour sops she grows on her yard. Apparently Rita is seldom seen without curlers in her hair and carrying a machete. You can see the machete in her hand as she walks with Dave. Here is the market where we did some shopping this morning. Here is the conch soup we had for supper. It is made from the meat of the conch shell, yams, green bananas and dumplings stuffed with chyote fruit- creamy and spicy. It was a full meal in a bowl. What next? We’ll see tomorrow! I think we’ll probably be introduced to a few more new things.

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2 responses to “Jamaican Introductions

  1. marilyn redekop

    You have captured Miildred’s & Tony’s work and love of the Jamaican students very well. Love the pictures and descriptive comments. Thanks.


  2. Chris

    I stumbled across your page and was intrigued by the picture ms of your homes. Clicked on your Jamaica post and was happily surprised to see my aunt and uncle!


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