Driedger Reunion in Arizona- Part 4- Party Time

Grandma Shirley gets some technological help from her granddaughter

Grandma Shirley gets some technological help from her granddaughter

The Driedgers got together for two meals during our Arizona reunion once at our condo here in Gold Canyon and once at Paul and Shirley’s condo in Scottsdale. The party at our house was on the day it snowed and as you can see in this photo it was chilly and people had donned the Arizona sweatshirts they were forced to buy here because of the unseasonably cold February temperatures. photography walkIsabella and her Mom Stephanie braved the cold  to go on a photography walk in the neighborhood with Hannah and me. sisters in law in the kitchenThe three sisters-in-law worked in the kitchen to get supper ready. who wants chili dogsUncle Dave manned the barbecue. “Hands up” if you want a chili dog. trying linda's delicious homemade salsaAunt Linda’s homemade salsa is delicious!scrabble with billDave played a little online scrabble with Bill in Leamington. Since Bill was the only Driedger brother absent Dave wanted him to feel a part of the action too. little arizona cowgirlGrace is checking out Isabella’s fashionable western wear purchased on an Arizona shopping trip.  happy birthday johnWe celebrated John’s birthday. He sang along and directed the Driedger choir’s rendition of Happy Birthday, while his daughter Hannah served the cake and his daughter Grace took photos. losing at euchreThere is no need to guess which Driedger brother won and which one lost this round of euchre. time for bedChloe let us know when the party was over and it was time for bed.around the pool in azAs you can see from this photo the weather was considerably different for our second Driedger party in Scottsdale. singing along to abbaIsabella is singing along to the Abba tunes playing on her grandma’s I-pad speaker by the pool. fashionable swimming trunksCheck out Uncle John’s colorful bathing attire. the hot tubShirley and Dave were having a discussion about movies and novels in the hot tub. chips anyoneShirley had made delicious guacamole and salsa dips but Chloe preferred her tortilla chips plain.the chefMike was the chef for this meal and he made fabulous appetizers- melon stuffed with herbed goat cheese, wrapped in prosciutto and grilled on cedar planks. The main course was different kinds of burgers with barbecued brussel sprouts which were absolutely heavenly. I had one of the vegetarian burgers Mike’s wife Stephanie had made and it was great! For dessert there was barbecued pineapple brushed with a sweet glaze and served with ice-cream. bathing beautiesNot sure what Stephanie and Hannah are so outraged about but it must be something one of their uncles said. euchre gameEuchre seemed to be the ‘game of the hour’ for this reunion week. Here cousins Mike and Hannah play with the uncles while listening to one of their cousin Bucky’s popular songs and donning shades for an added ‘coolness’ factor. Not that the Driedgers need any additional ‘coolness’. They are a pretty awesome family already.  

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