Driedger Reunion Arizona- Part 1- Spring Training

at the angels spring training in phoenixThere are twelve members of the Driedger extended family in Phoenix right now and yesterday we all got together and went to watch some major league baseball spring training at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ball park.  Here Dave and our niece Hannah check out some of the players as they warm up. IMG_1435 Dave and his brother Paul discuss how the batters are doing. angels of annaheim stadium in phoenixThe Angels practice in a very nice facility. IMG_1430Our great-niece Chloe was more interested in making nature discoveries than watching the ball players in action. desert family photoDave’s brother John, his wife Linda and their daughters Grace and Hannah got a bird’s-eye view of the fielders warming up from a desert perch beside the diamond.watching angels fielding practiceDave and our nephew Mike opted for a little closer look at the action on the field.
watching the angelsMy sister-in-law Shirley scrutinizes the batters closely.
IMG_1436How big are those players’ muscles anyway Hannah wonders, while Grace takes  photos of her favorite players. reading david bergen's age of hope at the ball gameLinda only had a few pages left in David Bergen’s book The Age of Hope and figured she’d watched enough baseball and just had to see how the novel ended!chatting with the playersJohn visited with Vernon Wells who used to play for Toronto. eating a crackerChloe decided it was time for lunch and some people were ready to go shopping at the flea marketIMG_1414So we left practice and decided to meet the next morning at the zoo. echure on the patioIt was a beautiful day and when we got back to our place, Dave, Hannah, Grace and John had a lively euchre tournament on the patio. 

Keep checking the blog for further chapters in the Driedger Reunion in Arizona story. 

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