Winnipeg In Winter

Since yesterday was the first day of winter I went through my photo albums to find images that showcase Winnipeg past and present in winter.

Winter trees in Steve Juba Park in 2012
Winter 1956 -Playing outside with my friend MaryJane at our house on Home Street
The Royal Albert Hotel in 2013
Mom and me on Dundurn Place in 1953
Seal River Crossing by Peter Sawatsky beside the Fairmont Hotel in 2012
My parents’ college dorm at 515 Wellington Crescent in 1951
Skating and walking trail on the Red River-2020
Gabrielle Roy marker in St. Boniface in 2012 during the construction of the Human Rights Museum
Walking Trail in Henteleff Park in 2019
Spirit carving on the Esprit du Bois Trail in 2020
Sun dogs at the Human Rights Museum in 2016
In the Assiniboine Forest2020
Lilac bushes Steve Juba Park- 2021

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