Heart-Shaped Leaves, Knobbly Twigs, And a Branch Diagram

Remember these lovely steel bowls filled with blooming flowers that were rising out of my lilac bushes when I published my last post about the four neighborhood trees I’ve befriended?

Well sadly no one has been caring for them or watering them.

They look like this now. I guess the heat did them in before this week’s rain could help them.

However, the flower bed right beside my lilacs is looking lovely.

I had read that many lilac trees have heart-shaped leaves and mine certainly do. They are a little bit concave too so they almost look like cups.
The apple scab I wrote about last time has taken most of the leaves on my crab apple tree so it is looking pretty bare.
It does have some little tiny apples on it.

I read an article about aspens and it said that their twigs are knobbly so I took a picture of my aspen twigs and think knobbly is probably exactly the right word to describe them.

The same article said how smooth aspen bark is and I tested that out and it certainly is.

I decided to try drawing a kind of diagram of the branches on my cottonwood tree. I sat on a park bench across the street from it for a long time and this is what I came up with.

I’ll be back in another couple of weeks with a news update on my trees. You can read all the old posts about them here.

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