10 Thoughts On Seeing The Movie Call of the Wild

call of the wild

  • The plot was exciting and kept me engaged throughout. There is an avalanche scene that is a heart-stopper. 
  • Watching the movie had me going back to skim the text of the novel which is available online.  I realized Harrison Ford had quoted directly from the book in some parts of the film and that quite a few changes had been made to deal with the racist nature of some of the events in the book. 
  • The fact that the animals on the screen were computer-generated images didn’t really interfere with my enjoyment of the movie at all. 
  • I don’t think I would take my nearly four-year-old and almost eight-year-old grandsons to the movie because there is some pretty terrible cruelty to animals and even though Buck’s wild nature is toned down from the way it is in the book he still kills people.   
  • I decided you have to view the story of the film as a kind of fairy tale with larger than life characters and events that aren’t necessarily realistic. 
  • Even though it wasn’t filmed there, I liked the setting in the Yukon.  It is a place that I want to visit.  My husband Dave spent his first summer after high school in the Yukon and I’d really like to go and experience the place with him. call of the wild buck and john
  • I am not a dog lover but I have observed first hand how a relationship with a dog can provide healing and hope to a person, so the fact that Buck, the dog in the movie, does that for Harrison Ford’s character John Thorton, is completely believable and really kind of touching.

    joe fafard between dog and wolf

    Between Dog and Wolf by Joe Fafard

  • The movie reminded me of a piece of artwork by Canadian Joe Fafard which is in the St. Boniface Sculpture Garden near my Winnipeg home. It is called Between Dog and Wolf. 
  • The movie was a good way to pass the time on a rainy afternoon in Arizona.
  • I liked this movie a lot more than my husband did. 

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  1. If you thought this one was too violent, steer clear of the 1972 adaptation starring Charlton Heston in the starring role and Buck as a real dog.

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