Trilliums -Food for the Soul

carolina woodsLast Sunday morning we went for a soul enriching walk in the Kopegaron Woods near Dave’s hometown of Leamington.  IMG_2673Dave’s brother Paul and our sister-in-law Shirley accompanied us.  IMG_2672The official Ontario flower is the trillium and they were bursting out all over the woods in lovely spring profusion.  IMG_2662We walked through many patches of white trilliums but also spotted a few of the less common red ones. IMG_2648The Kopegaron Woods is a remaining patch of the Carolinian Woodland which once covered vast amounts of southern Ontario.  90% of it is gone now. walking in kopegaran woodsThe kinds of trees and flowers that grow in a Carolinian Woodland also grow in the southern United States IMG_2649 (1)but are unique to this part of Canada because of its southern location and the moderating effect of Lake Erie. IMG_2651Some species of trillium are listed as threatened or endangered and a bill has passed first reading in the Ontario legislature making it illegal to pick trilliums or injure them in any way. IMG_2641Flowers are sunshine, medicine and food for the soul. They make people better and happier.- Luther Burbank
walking with trilliums
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  1. Thanks for this. Lovely pictures – I had never heard of trilliums.
    Here in the spring I go on little expeditions to see bluebells, fritillaries and wild orchids.


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