Arizona Golf Reunion

golf teamOn Saturday we hosted a golf reunion party at our house.  Dave golfs weekly with a group of friends in Steinbach and when he found out they were all going to be in Phoenix at the same time he arranged a reunion game at the Mountain Brook Golf Course near our home.  Later all five guys and their wives came over for supper. chris in the kitchen I was so lucky to have my friend Chris staying with us. She helped with the grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean up !!marlene and daveMarlene is listening with rapt attention while Dave tells her about his golf game. barbequing Dave returned the favor by listening carefully when Marlene gave him advice on how to barbecue the European hot dogs. 
chris and don chat I think Chris is telling Don about the hairpin turns and steep hills on our adventuresome drive through the Tonto Forest the day before. warming up in front of the fireThe afternoon had been pretty chilly so Harv and Ken needed to warm up in front of our electric fireplace after four hours out golfing in the cold weather. sampling the shrimpNell is sampling the shrimp while Don a former professional restaurateur looks on.sister and brotherI got this nice brother and sister photo of Barb and John.  loading up the hotdogsMarlene and Nell are loading up their hotdogs.stargazingAt one point we all went out to admire the stars and then nostalgically burst into a four-part harmony version of the Red River Valley. serenipitousOur friend John likes to use the word serendipitous. I think it was serendipitous that we were all in Arizona at the same time and that it worked out for us to get together.

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  1. Hi there! I find it hilarious that you and I continue to have connections. From you being my unforgetable camp counsellor when I was in grade 3, so that is in the 1960’s to now. Here in this blog you feature my cousins Hans Erich (John) and Barb, also their spouses Christiane and Harvey
    Only in a group of mennonites could a bunch of golfers and their spouses break into four part harmony!.


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